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11 Mysterious Ancient Underground Worlds That Remain Unsolved To This Day

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Ancient myths and legends tell of several mysterious underground cities filled with secret chambers, passages shrines and tombs.

Many of these remarkable underground worlds remain shrouded in mystery because we have not been able to locate them yet. There are also fascinating very old underground tunnels, caves and cities that have been discovered, but the history behind them remains unsolved because we have no idea who built them and for what purposes.

In this article, MessageToEagle.com has put together a list of 11 most mysterious underground ancient worlds that remain unsolved to this day. Some of them are real. Some haven’t been found yet and perhaps some are never meant to be located…

1. Mysterious Enormous Underground Labyrinth Of Egypt

The lost labyrinth, full of hieroglyphs sculpted for eternity in its endless stone walls is believed to contain all knowledge of ancient Egypt.

What secrets does this legendary giant underground complex contain?

Could this be the most important discovery in human history?

The Labyrinth of Egypt has been described by a number of ancient writers such as Herodotus, Strabo, Diodorus, and Pliny. This legendary complex, named the “Labyrinth” by the ancient Greeks was legendary complex is believed to be an enormous collective tomb of the twelve kings who built it and a resting place for sacred crocodiles

A research team was able to prove that the Labyrinth exists, but this amazing discovery was never heard of because the Egyptian government opposed the outside world should learn about the findings. Read more

2. Shin-Au-Av: Secret Ancient Underground City Hidden Beneath Death Valley

The idea that there could be a secret 5,000-years-old underground city hidden somewhere beneath Death Valley, California is fascinating.

According to those who entered the subterranean tunnels and visited this marvelous place the city was once inhabited by an unknown race.

Now, thousands of years later the place had been abandoned, but the visitors saw strange mummies and curious old artifacts.

It is possible that such a mysterious underground world exist beneath the Death Valley? Where is it located? Who was this strange and unknown race that once dwelled underground?

Could they have been the Serpent People?

Before we can enter the realms of this mysterious subterranean world, we must first listen to the words of the Paiute Indians who have legends describing an underground world few people have heard of. Read more

3. Lost Underground City Of The Grand Canyon – An Archeological Cover-Up?

Did an ancient lost civilization once live in a secret underground city below the Grand Canyon?

Will the mystery of the lost subterranean city ever be solved?

Ever since an intriguing article reporting the discovery of a great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon appeared in the Arizona Gazette in 1909, scientists have debated whether the story is true or a hoax. Several alternative…