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8 Tips To Help You Find A Perfect Place For Camping

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Nothing beats the thrill of going on a road trip and camping in the wilderness. The excitement you get from the great outdoors, the nature surrounding you, new experiences gained and the journey itself are all unbeatable experiences.

Besides learning new things, you discover how to pack light, use limited resources and work with what nature has to give. Camping comes with a host of other requirements though, so you need to plan ahead and know what you need to carry with you. You should also have an idea of what to expect when you get to the site.


The first thing you need to do is find out about the location of the camp site. This is important because you may go to an unfamiliar place. The environment could affect your health or your body could react differently to the sudden changes.

You need to do a thorough research of the location, the climate and find out if there are any medical checks you need prior to visiting the area. Check out the spots around the site that could come in handy for you if you need something, or some assistance. Places such as the nearest clinic, police station or supplies store should be of interest.

Existing sites

Are there other camp sites in the same location? This will help you when choosing the perfect place for camping because then you don’t need to pick one when you can find others and weigh which one will give you the best experience. Once you pick out a location, you need to pick out the camping site you’ll stay at, so there are factors you need to consider when picking out a site that works for you.


You need to check out the weather and climate for the location you’ve identified and be aware of the possible changes in weather patterns. Bring the kind of essentials in clothing or medical gear for those with any underlying conditions. Knowing the weather also lets you decide which camp site to go to. For example, people with respiratory problems may not want a cold, dusty or rain prone area.

Water sources

While this is important for your domestic use such as refilling water bottles, cleaning utensils, taking a light bath, or washing a few items of clothing, being close to a water source may also be detrimental to your camping experience. Especially if it is a large water body that can be influenced by climate. It is recommended that you set up your camp tent about 200 feet away from the water source for safety and health reasons.

Natural hazards

Check the campsite for hazards such as floods, tides, landslides, mudslides, snow avalanches and falling rocks.  Also check that the surface on which you will set up your tent is level, seeing as you need a comfortable

Source: preppersmill.com