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A Wedding, A Funeral and A New Year’s Realization…

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Grab the champagne and poppers, it’s almost time to ring in the New Year! But before we get to the celebrating, I’d like to share something I’ve been reflecting on recently.

Over the past few months I’ve made an alarming realization. One that could change the way you think about the U.S. government, society, your retirement and investing in 2016…

This is a doozy…. and it started with a wedding…

Back on November 6, I got married. In true cheapskate fashion trying to save money on cakes, flowers and whatnot, I had a lot of errands to run the morning of the big day.

I took off at 8 a.m. or so – rush hour – and got down to business. I had to pick up dozens of flowers, go to two different locations for the cakes and pick up some accoutrements for the centerpieces…  Heh, I also had to pick up a wedding ring, can’t tie the knot without that!

All in all I did a good bit of running around town. With several stops back at home to drop off the perishables.

More to the point in a second.

But first, let’s flash forward a few weeks for a funeral…

This week we had to send our 18 year old family cat to “kitty heaven.” The poor lil guy had more ailments than he could handle and after six months of medicine, IVs and tender love and care, he just couldn’t make it.

If you’ve ever had a family pet you know the drill. And if you’ve ever had a family pet that you know was pretty special, it sucks even more. (Heh, that cat had about 10 times the smarts as our 135lb Rottweiler. Ugh.)

Anyway, my wife was pretty broken up. And I wasn’t going to let her mourn on her own.

If it’s going to be a pity party, it’s going to be a pity party of two! So I stayed home from work and made sure we kept busy.  We ran errands, took the dog on a hike, got lunch and hit up the grocery store.

So now you’re caught up. One wedding, one funeral… and now for the big problem…

Here’s the point…

Both days I took off work on a weekday. And both days I was quite literally shocked at the amount of traffic and people out and about. What the heck was going on, I thought.

You see, for the most part I don’t have days off to run errands. I run them on nights and weekends. So frankly, I’ve never noticed this strange, over-populated phenomenon. Maybe you have?

And no, I’m not hinting at overpopulation or jumping on the recent wave of climate change chatter.

Point is, there are A LOT of people that simply aren’t at work.

And I’m not talking about one single…