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Bulgaria – A main supplier of weapons to the Syrian terroristic groups

This article originally appeared on Strogo Sekretno and was translated by Yoana Manoilova exclusively for SouthFront.

The Islamic State is recognized as the biggest terrorist threat in the world so far by all of the countries around the world. The US led a coalition against the Islamic people and Russia started military operations against ISIS when asked by the Syrian president Bashar Assad.

In the operation against ISIS are taking part dozens of countries. But there is this one government, headed by a true idiot, who is a true ally of  the terrorists. The government is the Bulgarian government, the idiot is the so called Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Boyko Borisov.

Taken into account from a juridical point of view, Borisov should be arrested by the active international authorities and face trial at the International Court, established by Carla Del Ponte, as a military criminal for complicity in the crimes in Syrian and Iraq.

The Bulgarian media published the report of the smuggling of cigarettes for the jihadists, in which the Bulgarian politicians Boyko Borisov, Peevski, Florov, and Cacarov are mentioned. The authors of the document are named as ‘’public servants of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Ministry of Finance, DANS, GDBOB (Bulgarian secret services)’’. This was confirmed even by Turkish sources, including the Turkish newspaper Milliyet.

Despite these facts, the biggest revelation for Borisov came from BuzzFeed news. According to them, Bulgaria is the main supplier of weapons for the terrorists in Syria.

What are we talking about?

SOCOM (the US Special Operation Command) bought Konkurs missile launchers (probably the launchers 9M 113- produced in the Soviet Union) from Belarus for their Syrian allies. According to specialists from the same source these missile launchers were supposed to go to ISIS. That was the goal as well.

The bargains of these character are always licensed by the US’ State Department. Probably, a few missions of Eric Rubin in Minsk were dedicated to the trading with weapons between the two sides.

The main character in this story is the company Purple Shovel LLC. The company was registered in 2010 in Delaware from the former American counter-intelligence official Benjamin Worrell (in office: 1994-2001). Before that, until 2005, Worrell was working with companies, which supplied the government and the Department of Defense but then he went bankrupt. In 2012, the case of the bankrupt Worrell was closed and his debts were paid off. In December 2014, Purple Shovel signed two contracts with the Command of the US Special Operations, in the terms of the Syrian program CYIATF-S, for $50 million. At that time, 6 people were working in this company. The company’s profit for a year was less than $2 million.

The first contract was for equipment and training for the Syrian ‘’opposition’’. It was for $23,5 million. After this they resigned it for $31 million. In July,…