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Car Crash: 30 Ways Not To Make It Happen

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Today’s modern vehicles are built with the latest safety and life saving systems available. Even with all of these new systems it is still the driver who has the control of the vehicle, and he/she is responsible for driving that vehicle responsibly.

Depending on the type of accident, these new and improved safety features may save your life or greatly reduce your injuries in a vehicle accident, however there are no guarantees. Learn what to do after a crash to increase your odds of surviving and doing as well as possible.Driving Safely Makes Your Survival

Often people take things we do regularly for granted, like driving. We sometimes assume that we have the basic skills to handle all situations even those rarely experienced like driving in the snow or heavy fog.

Nevertheless avoiding a car crash remains the best survival option, and you can help reduce your risk of being in a crash by following a few simple rules:

Not using your cell phone while driving. Not driving after you have been drinking or taking drugs. Reducing your speed accordingly when the driving conditions become difficult or extreme such as through rain, frog, snow, or glare. Taking a 15 minute power nap whenever you feel drowsy or sleepy. If you are on a long road trip, make it a point to stop every 2 hours and take a 15 minute to 20 minute break. Anticipating what might happen by looking ahead and closely observing the movement of other traffic whenever you drive. Always expect the unexpected, take extra care when changing lanes, passing, going through intersections, and driving at night. Never rush or lose your patience when driving. Practice the “two second rule”.  Even if you are an experienced driver, make sure that you still perform these counts from time to time to make sure that you haven’t forgotten the laws of physics in favor of what your eyes (and mind) think is the proper distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Crash risk for drivers differs according to age and their experience.

Aging drivers are at a greater risk of being killed or seriously injured in a crash due to increased frailty and other issues rather than risky driving behavior. It is a fact that with age the human driver will get slower in reflexes and eye sight will not be as sharp.

Inexperienced drivers are at least three times more likely to be involved in a serious accidents than experienced drivers. This risk gets even higher in the first few months of getting a license. This is partly because some new drivers do stupid things and take stupid risks, but the major reason is that they lack driving experience.

How the Car Can Save You

Even though some of these features kick in on their own,…