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Case Builds to Impeach Trump for the Wrong Reasons

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Case Builds to Impeach Trump for the Wrong Reasons
by Stephen Lendman
There’s ample cause to impeach him for high crimes of war and against humanity in multiple US war theaters.
America’s anti-interventionist candidate about-faced as president. Endless belligerence defines his agenda – inheriting his predecessors’ wars of aggression, perhaps intending new ones.
Public anger should rage over his escalating war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and now Afghanistan with the announced deployment of another 4,000 US troops for a lost cause – a war lost years ago, no prospect whatever of turning things around.
He escalated deployments of US special forces and other combat troops to multiple theaters, including northern and central Africa – Somalia his latest battleground, surely not his last new one.
His hostility toward Iran could erupt into eventual conflict, what Israel couldn’t get other US administrations to do.
An “Impeach Trump Now” movement, sponsored by Free Speech for People and RootsAction, includes Law Professor Laurence Tribe as one of its legal advisors.
In a May neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post op-ed, he shamefully said “(t)he time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump for obstructive of justice” – despite nothing proving his accusation.
Tribe: “(T)he country is faced with a president whose conduct strongly suggests that he poses a danger to our system of government.”
Fact: The problem is America’s debauched system, Trump a symptom of the greater issue. 
Fact: No matter who serves as president, in key congressional positions, or on the nation’s highest court, US policy is humanity’s greatest threat. 
Fact: Names and faces change in Washington. Outrageous policies continue with bipartisan support.
Fact: Impeaching and removing Trump from office, if occurs, won’t change a thing – other than making things worse, not better.
Tribe accused Trump of “making misleading statements to, or withholding material evidence from, federal investigators or other federal employees; trying to interfere with FBI or congressional investigations; trying to break through the FBI’s shield surrounding ongoing criminal investigations; dangling carrots in front of people who might otherwise pose trouble for one’s hold on power.”
Omitted from his argument was verifiable proof. Accusations without it are groundless. Tribe staunchly supported Hillary’s candidacy for president, ignoring her high crimes, perhaps revengefully attacking Trump for defeating her.
The Impeach Trump Now movement claims he has “unprecedented conflicts of interests” because of his personal and business holdings.
Its initiative and similar ones ignored Hillary, as secretary of state, using her position for profit-making – the Clinton Foundation used as a money-laundering, pay-to-play, self-enrichment racket, masquerading as a charitable NGO.
Federal, state and international laws prohibit operating so-called public charities for private gain. The Clinton Foundation systematically ignores its legal obligations, remaining unaccountable for its lawlessness.
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Source: sjlendman.blogspot.com