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In This Exclusive MUST LISTEN Interview, Jim Willie Warns Crises Are Coming, And Trump Will Be Blamed For Them… The Hat Trick Letter Editor Also Discusses: – What makes Donald Trump different than other presidents? – The U.S. has already defaulted on the debt – US/China Trade War – Are the Fireworks About to Begin? – Will […]

Judge Reveals Shady Side of Crushed Aetna-Humana Merger, Banks to Lick their Wounds, Aetna to Get Pummeled

Why these mega-mergers? Fees, egos, and pricing power.

On Monday, a federal judge blocked Aetna’s $34-billion acquisition of Humana. Combined they would have formed the second largest health insurer, behind the also under-attack Anthem-Cigna merger. The court cited antitrust grounds related to Medicare Advantage insurance plans, where their combined pricing power would ultimately raise the costs […]

Podcast: The Blow-Off Top

US equities have entered the final, blow-out stage of their bull market. As in 1999 and 2006, investors have decided that it’s different this time and are willing to buy at pretty much any price. Like those previous bubbles, today’s will end badly, probably in 2017. Gold, on the other hand should do just fine.


Islamist who murdered British soldier Lee Rigby seeks $25k for teeth knocked out in jail

Michael Adebolajo, an Islamic extremist who ruthlessly murdered Lee Rigby, has found a lawyer to seek £20,000 in compensation after his teeth were knocked out by guards at HMP Belmarsh. Rigby’s family met the news with disgust, calling it “blood money.”

The 32-year-old Adebolajo, while on remand in July 2013 at Belmarsh – a high-security […]

George Soros has ties to more than 50 “partners” of the Women’s March

Former WSJ reporter Asra Nomani asks in the NYT’s “Women In the World” section what is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Women’s March? Her answer: “as it turns out, it’s quite significant.” Here is what else she discovered. Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of […]

Trump signs executive order to withdraw US from TPP

With a stroke of a pen, President Donald Trump has unravelled the Trans-Pacific Partnership, withdrawing the US from the controversial free-trade pact. Without Washington’s participation, the TPP would have to be renegotiated or scrapped altogether. The largest global trade agreement in 20 years, the TPP would have included the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, […]

Mattis Celebrates First Day At Pentagon By Attacking ISIS In Three Countries [w/ VIDEO]

((GC note: Here are three stories which give hopeful indications that Trump’s administration will do as it said and fight terrorism, rather than support it, as the West has done for decades.)) Pentagon/Foreign Policy Reporter

VIDEO: AP General Dunford Greets Defense Secretary Mattis at the Pentagon

Published on Jan 21, 2017

James Mattis, President Donald […]

Does Hating Corporations and Loving Governments Make Sense?

By Robert Higgs

Many Americans (and others) obviously fear corporations more than they fear governments. Indeed, they look to governments to “save” them from grave harm at the hands of vicious corporations and to punish corporations for their evil, destructive actions. On such a mindset a large part of modern Progressivism and other leftist ideologies […]

China ready to shoulder global leadership burden if others back out – senior Chinese diplomat

A senior Chinese Foreign Ministry official has hinted that Beijing may pick up the torch of global leadership if forced to do so by the withdrawal of other contenders for the role as Washington under Trump appears to become more immersed in domestic issues.

“If anyone were to say China is playing a leadership role […]

New York City to pay out $75mn for nearly 1 million bogus summonses

The city of New York has agreed to pay up to $75 million to resolve a long-running civil rights lawsuit. Police were found to be issuing more than 900,000 summonses without probable cause – as a way to meet quotas.

In the lawsuit, Stinson v. City of New York, the plaintiffs argued that the New […]

In final presidential hours, Obama quietly gave Palestinian Authority $221mn in aid – report

Just before leaving office, President Barack Obama reportedly authorized the discreet transfer of more than $227 million to foreign accounts, circumventing Republicans who were blocking the funds. Over 97 percent went to the Palestinian Authority.

According to a State Department official and several Congressional aides, the Associated Press reported, some $221 million went to the […]

This Is DEFINITELY An Asset That You Want To Own

It’s very hard to lose money when you’re able to buy $1 for 75 cents… From Simon Black, Sovereign Man: I’ve got auditors sitting in my office here in Santiago right now. No, not those auditors. Not the kind from the IRS that strike fear in the hearts of taxpayers. The auditors in our office […]

Another Australia Home Builder Goes Bust

Since June, at lest six home builders in Australia have gone bust. Builton Group is the latest, with 80 Homes in Limbo.

Burswood-based builder Builton Group, which trades under the brands Platinum Homes and Aspireon Homes, seems poised to join the growing list of residential builders in Western Australia gone bust.

WAtoday understands around […]

‘Glad TPP is dead’: Sanders & Dems applaud Trump for pulling out of global trade deal

President Donald Trump is being commended by former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) as well as some Democrats facing tough reelection campaigns, following his executive order removing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“I am glad the Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead and gone,” Sanders said in a statement Monday.

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The self-declared democratic […]

Pro-Erdogan MP slams NATO as ‘terrorist organization’ & ‘threat’ to Turkey

An MP from Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) has questioned NATO’s commitment to its key ally, claiming that the bloc has been backing regime change attempts in Ankara and supports “terrorist groups” in the region.

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Şamil Tayyar, who represents Turkey’s southeast Gazientep province, launched a scathing verbal attack on the […]