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Stuck in the middle with Trump: Mexican bites off chunk of roommate’s ear in fight over deportation

A Pittsburgh man took a bite out of his roommate’s ear after a heated argument over Donald Trump’s immigration policies boiled over into a full blown scuffle fueled by fears over the brash US president’s election stance on immigrants.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the Mexican roommates came to blows because one worried about deportation under […]

Everybody Duck: An Asteroid Will Pass Closer Than The Moon Tomorrow

An asteroid just under 11 yards in diameter will give the earth a very close fly-by tomorrow.

Listed as a PHA – Potentially Hazardous Asteroid by NASA, the space rock 2017BX was discovered earlier this month and will pass at .7 of the distance between the earth and the moon. That’s a mere whisker […]

Three days in and Trump has already kept one pledge

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This site offers factual information and viewpoints that might be useful in arriving at an understanding of the events of our time. We believe that the information comes from reliable sources, but cannot guarantee the information to be free of […]

Mystery of Mayan collapse deepens with dramatic discovery

The collapse of Mayan civilization has long been a source of bewilderment to scientists, researchers and history buffs the world over, and a new study may just have complicated matters further.

It’s understood that the mysterious civilization, famed for its stunning pyramids, ceased to exist after 900 AD when most of its cities were abandoned, […]

2017: Year of the Great Biotech Comeback

We’re just a few weeks into 2017 trading—but biotech stocks already need to take a handful of pep pills.

The SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (NYSE:XBI) dropped for the third straight trading day to begin the week. It’s now given back nearly all its gains from earlier this month.

But we’re not ready to throw in […]

Ecclestone era ended as $8 billion deal sees Liberty Media acquire Formula 1

Long-serving boss of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone, has been removed from his position as head of Formula 1 after an $8 billion deal that saw US company Liberty Media take over the sport.

Ecclestone, 86, and who has run Formula One for 40 years, has been appointed chairman emeritus following the acquisition by the media, […]

Twitter suspends ‘alt-right’ WeSearchr on back of dubious bounty offer

A website offering a hefty reward for the identity of a man who punched a US ‘alt-right’ leader has been suspended from Twitter.

WeSearchr, a crowdfunding site relating to ‘alt-right’ interests, is offering US$4,500 for the identity of a man who struck controversial white nationalist Richard Spencer at a protest rally on inauguration day.

“Twitter […]

4 die in California storms, state of emergency declared

California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency as a trio of severe storms pounded the state with flash floods, mudslides and raging rivers. At least four people died as a result.

Flood watches and warnings were in effect in Southern California as downtown Los Angeles received nearly 4 inches of rain, inundating roadways, […]

Rose Jenkins – A Fiery Presence in our Hearts

Thank you Rose Jenkins! Pathfinder News

As we are at the threshold of another year, the year of the Fire Rooster/ Phoenix, a Number 1 year, we may be able to bring our collective Enthusiasm and Will to bear in rousing ourselves from the darkness to proclaim, indeed, a New Day.

We are being called […]

3 Mineral Waters That Can Remove Aluminum from the Brain

Thanks Therisa! Real Farmacy

There has been a dramatic increase in neurological diseases linked to aluminum toxicity. The blood brain barrier doesn’t stop aluminum’s intrusion into our gray matter. Aluminum accumulates and remains in tissue that doesn’t have a rapid cellular turnover.

Apoptosis is the natural cell death and replacement process that occurs throughout the […]

Mitch Battros – New Study Suggest Dwarf Cluster Formed Milky Way

Science of Cycles

Using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and various optical telescopes, a team of astronomers has discovered seven distinct groups of dwarf galaxies with just the right starting conditions to eventually merge and form larger galaxies, including spiral galaxies like the Milky Way. This discovery offers compelling evidence that the […]

Akashic Records Report – Major Events Are About To Unfold

Older article, but still relevant information.

Venus Perez of Utopia Pioneers Blog

In a recent interview,  a woman with access to the Akashic Records stated there will be some major impending changes on our planet, including a change in power and a new currency in the near future.

When a person dies, they have […]

David Wilcock Comments on Ben Fulford’s Latest 1-23-17 article

Thanks Nancy! Kauilapele’s Blog

There’s a lot of data in this one. I feel one of the more important points is that the cabal is putting out “every scrap of dirt that could ever be pinned onto [Donald Trump]”. And with (more likely than not) Soros-funded protests like we saw the day after inauguration, with […]

WikiLeaks editor Assange ‘wants to engage’ with US over Manning extradition promise

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has once again defended the promise to allow his extradition to the US if Chelsea Manning was granted clemency during a rare appearance on Australian television.

Assange was interviewed by Waleed Aly on Channel 10’s ‘The Project’ on Tuesday, and fielded pointed questions suggesting he was lying by not handing himself […]

Caught short: Firefighters rescue man with penis trapped inside water bottle (PHOTO)

A Malaysian man had to be rescued by firefighters after getting his penis trapped in the water bottle he was using to relieve himself because he couldn’t reach the bathroom in time.

In an act of insane desperation after a tug-of-war to dislodge the water bottle, the 21-year-old then tried to cut his penis free […]