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If Kim Dotcom Produces The Goods, Mainstream America Will Be Forced To Wake Up


I think we should put some effort into really digesting the full implications of what could be about to happen in the next few days. Yes, of course it is possible that Kim Dotcom’s shocking claim that he knew Seth Rich and was involved in his giving DNC emails to WikiLeaks […]

New Moon/SuperMoon in Gemini — May/June 2017 [VIDEO]

Published on May 20, 2017

Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming astrological events:* Powerful New Moon/ SuperMoon in almost 5 degrees of Gemini (on May 25th, 2017 at 3:44pm EDT)* Two T-Squares, one “Yod”, and one Grand Trine* Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) is currently in Taurus* Best and most potent time […]

4 Recent Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out True

Humans Are Free

While the Internet may appear to be a democratized, unfiltered path toward facts and truth, it is easily manipulated. Powerful corporations pay a lot of money to have their dirty laundry buried in the search results underneath contrived puff pieces.

With nearly the entire mainstream media apparatus at their disposal, the government […]

UK Threatens To Quit Brexit Talks Over Excessive ‘Divorce Payment’ Demands

Zero Hedge

With negotiations between the UK and EU likely to formally begin on June 19, Bloomberg reports that Brexit Secretary David Davis has pre-emptively lashed out at EU officials, threatening that “The UK will quit talks on leaving the European Union unless the bloc drops its demands for a divorce payment as high as […]

Now Puerto Rico Employee Retirement System Files for Bankruptcy

Things keep getting worse on what should be an island paradise. (Thank you, crony government planners.)

The federal board overseeing Puerto Rico’s financial restructuring is enlarging the U.S. territory’s court-supervised bankruptcy, placing its pension system and its transportation agency under court protection.

The Employees Retirement System and the Highways and Transportation Authority entered a debt-restructuring process […]

German Immigrant Welfare Joke (Or is a joke aimed at German workers?)

European Parliament member, from Poland, Janusz Korwin Mikke’s latest joke (he has been fined for hate speech and barred from representing the EU..even though he was elected!):

A Somali immgrant has arrived in Berlin. He stops the first person he sees and says:

“Thank you German! You have given me a home, money, food, free […]

Seth Rich Plot Thickens: “DC Insider” Speaks Of “Complete Panic” At Highest Levels Of DNC

Last week, Fox News dropped a bombshell report officially confirming, via anonymous FBI sources, what many had suspected for quite some time, that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks source for leaks which proved that the DNC was intentionally undermining the campaign of Bernie Sanders. In addition to exposing the corruption […]

Jim Rickards: Gold’s “Decisive Turn Around” – “Next Stop Is $1,300 Or Higher”

On May 10, gold launched a decisive turnaround from its most recent decline. Each time gold retreated from those highs, it found a new bottom at a higher price than the time before. The recent low was $1,218/oz on May 10. In this new spike, gold has now rallied to $1,251 as of early Friday. […]

10 More Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Became Conspiracy Facts

Generally speaking, conspiracy theories form where there is a vacuum of verifiable facts associated with a controversial, usually tragic event. The concept has evolved over the years and is a part of our popular culture. There are legions of conspiracy theorists and “truthers” who have devoted their lives to certain theories, and there […]

The Internet Melts Down Over A Picture Of Trump With An Orb

When president Donald Trump touched a glowing orb in Saudi Arabia, he set off an internet firestorm. Dozens of humorous headlines have since had the internet melting down over the image.

The Washington Post even decided to begin their article with a bit of humor, only to firmly declare that to claim what […]

They’re Writing Trump’s Obituary

The smoke has cleared.

After last week’s volatility shock, stocks are settling back into their boring routine.

The major averages absorbed Wednesday’s gut punch like champions. Despite the Dow’s 375-point swoon, the Big Board finished the week down a little less than half a percent.

But that hasn’t stopped the media from furiously writing the […]

The Dow Plunges 372 Points As Trump Impeachment Talk Reaches A Fever Pitch On Capitol Hill

The wolves are circling, and members of Congress from both political parties are now openly talking about impeaching President Trump.  On Wednesday, speculation of a looming Trump impeachment sent stocks plunging.  The Dow was down 372 points, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both experienced their largest declines in eight months.  This downturn was […]

How Trump Wants to Change the Student Loan Program Payments

Students currently can have the balance of their loan forgiven after paying 10 percent of their income for 20 years. Trump’s proposal would raise the maximum payment to 12.5 percent of income, but shorten the payment period to 15 years, reports the Washington Post.


Source: economicpolicyjournal.com

‘Spirit Cooking Creep’ John Podesta Bashes Trump, One Obvious Reason Why

John Podesta, the original source of the 60,000 leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign released by WikiLeaks, has decided to go on a rampage against Donald Trump. As the irony in politics continues as the disturbed human who is Podesta is now taking shots at the man who beat his horribly constructed campaign. […]

Did Trump Get Thumped … or Supporters Get Dumped?

Trump’s supporters are increasingly alarmed, outspoken and feeling betrayed as their champion rolls over and plays lap dog for the political establishment. Even Rush Limbaugh, Trump’s golfing buddy and longtime advocate, said this week that what is happening with Trump and the Republicans is a “sellout” and “betrayal.” With the US economy sinking in the first […]