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Trump, the ADL, SPLC, Ukraine and North Korea

I did another interview with Don Grahn, we covered abroad range of topics that, at first glance may not seem related, but as I explained, most certainly are.

Source: veteranstoday.com

Paul Craig Roberts: Liberals Try To Associate Trump Supporters With White Supremacists


Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at paulcraigroberts.org

What the liberal/progressive/left is trying to do with Charlottesville is to associate Trump supporters with White Supremacists and in this way demonize Trump supporters so that they will not have a voice when Trump is overthrown in a coup. Or it can be put in a […]

10 Very Strange Facts About The August 21 Solar Eclipse That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

By Michael Snyder, on August 13th, 2017

In just a matter of days we are going to witness the most unusual solar eclipse in U.S. history. Could it be possible that all of the very strange “coincidences” surrounding this event have some sort of special significance?  The mainstream media has been buzzing about this […]

VT gets to mention contractor drug running on RT

Jim W. Dean – RT did give me the last minute on this report taking a look at Afghan heroin coming into the US. From my taped interview, they used the biggest zinger I gave them. No one in Western media would ever have aired this other than VT.

Source: veteranstoday.com

“Start Throwing Rocks”: Washington Post Op-Ed Calls For More Violence In The Streets

It’s not an exaggeration to say that battle lines are being drawn in America today. You can see it in the news everyday. As time goes on, people in this country are becoming very tribal, as Americans of different races, religions, and political persuasions turn on each other. What we saw in Charlottesville […]

Half Month Left To Secure SouthFront Work


UPDATE [16.08.2017]: Since August 1, the project has collected 1465 USD. This is about 22% of the minimal budget [5,000 USD] needed to continue the project.

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A half month left until the end of August.

Since August 1, the project has collected 1138 USD. This […]

The U.S. Military Will Be Conducting ‘A Major Military Exercise’ On The Korean Peninsula During The Solar Eclipse

By Michael Snyder, on August 16th, 2017

On August 21st, approximately 25,000 U.S. troops will join “tens of thousands” from the South Korean military to conduct a “major military exercise” that is already triggering threats from North Korea.  Considering the fact that any sort of provocation could cause a nuclear war to erupt on […]

Floods kill hundreds across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iran and Africa

Space Daily

At least 165 people have died and thousands have fled their homes as monsoon floods swept across Nepal, India and Bangladesh, officials said Monday, warning the toll could rise as the extent of the damage becomes clear.

Three days of relentless downpours sparked flash floods and landslides that have killed at least 70 […]

Alexandra’s Two New Lines of Sacred Oils and Essences May 9, 2017 [VIDEO]

Published on May 9, 2017

In this video, Alexandra speaks at length about her two new lines of sacred oils and essences.

A brief description of each :


ACCESSING YOUR INNER AUTHORITY #1 – This remedy moves you through alienation, giving […]

Filer’s Files #33 – 2017 CIA We Have Been Contacted

Filer’s Files

In special reports, this week’s files cover: CIA We Have Been Contacted, Mexico Hovering Solid Oblong Craft, Global Wave of Animal Mutilations, Scotland 5,000-year-old Slab of Stone, Tombs in Ireland Shaped Like Discs, Egyptian Pyramids in the Grand Canyon, Message from the Light Team, and Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena […]

Britain seeks Brexit without borders for Northern Ireland


LONDON/DUBLIN (Reuters) – Britain has said there should be no border posts or immigration checks between Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland after Brexit, in a paper that attempts to resolve one of the most complex aspects of its departure from the European Union.

Some 30,000 people cross the 500-km […]

New Study Shows Full Radiation Risks Are Not Recorded

Green Med Info

Source: galacticconnection.com

ISIS ‘Hit Squads’ Are Using The Refugee Program To Infiltrate Western Nations

I know that the headline sounds over the top, but this has actually been confirmed by German intelligence and by the mainstream media. ISIS terrorists have been using the refugee program to sneak into North America and Europe, and yet very little is being done to stop this from happening. One of the reasons why […]

Korean War Part II: Why It’s Probably Going To Happen

This report was originally published by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com

Though a lot of people in my line of work (alternative economic and geopolitical analysis) tend to be accused of “doom mongering,” I have to say personally I am not a big believer in “doom.” At least, not in the way that the accusation […]

The Leftist Meltdowns Continue: Therapists Report A Massive Spike In Patients Suffering From “President Trump Stress Disorder”

There’s only one thing that has been constant throughout the duration of Trump’s presidency, and that is the reaction of the people who oppose him. Time after time the Left has responded to Trump’s actions and words with unfettered fear, paranoia, and highly publicized meltdowns. His mere presence in the White House seems […]