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A Tale of Two Cities

In the next election, Theresa May should win and win big. President Trump has got two major problems, Kushner and Priebus.

Source: veteranstoday.com

NEO – Is Euroland on Verge of Disintegration?

Jim W. Dean – Mr. Engdhal takes us behind the EU economic curtain today to for a peek at what a hollowed out Swiss cheese it all is. The banksters and deep state actors have already looted the Union leaving the electorate holding the debt bag.

Source: veteranstoday.com

UN Watch outraged as Saudi Arabia takes place on UN Women’s Right Commission

Published time: 23 Apr, 2017 20:55

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UN Watch, a human rights organization, monitoring the performance of the United Nations, has strongly condemned the appointment of Saudi Arabia to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), citing Riyadh’s poor women’s rights record and widespread gender inequality.

“Electing Saudi Arabia to […]

RT correspondent teargassed reporting on Paris protests

Published time: 23 Apr, 2017 20:49

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RT’s correspondent Charlotte Dubenskij was teargassed while reporting on the violent protests that erupted just minutes after polling stations closed at the Place de la Bastille in central Paris.

Riot police were on the scene and tear gas was deployed as protesters, many of them […]

Russia Deployed Four New Su-34 Fighter Bombers To Hmeimim Air Base


Su-34 Fighter Bomber

According to media reports, the Russian military reinforced its air force group at the Hmeimim Air Base near the city of Jableh with four additional Su-34 fighter bombers.

The warplanes were escorted by Tu-154 aircraft, a method used by the Russian Aerospace Forces for transporting warplanes to Syria. The Tu-154 is used […]

Military Situation In Raqqah Countryside On April 23, 2017 (Map Update)


This map shows the military situation in the countryside of Raqqah on April 23, 2017.

Click to see the full-size map


Source: southfront.org

Syrian Army Separates Barza Orchards From Al-Qaboun – Reports



On April 23, the Republican Guard and the 4th Division separated the Barzeh orchards from Al-Qaboun east of the Syrian capital of Damascus, according to preliminary reports.

Pro-government sources also said that the army was able to discover and to destroy the last tunnels linking the orchards of Barza with […]

Syrian Anti-Drone Jamming System Spotted In Hama (Photos)


The Syrian National Defense Forces published a photo from Hama showing what appeared to be an electronic warfare system to jam drones operated by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies. It’s thought to be developed by the Syrian Scientific Research Center.

The photo shows the system installed on a truck belonging to […]

‘Wedding dress doesn’t cover the rape’: Activists campaign against Lebanese ‘rape law’

Published time: 23 Apr, 2017 20:33

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Activists set up a symbolic exhibition on Beirut’s seaside promenade to call on the country’s MPs to abolish a controversial law that allows rapists to avoid prosecution by marrying their victim.

Thirty-one wedding dresses made of wrapping paper and lace were hung from nooses, swaying […]

Breaking: French Presidential Election: Results Unpredictable

No matter who becomes France’s next president, dirty business as usual will likely triumph – like in all US elections, other Western ones and most others elsewhere. Rare exceptions prove the rule.

Last November, choice for Americans was between death …

Source: globalresearch.ca

Mito da Doutrinação: Serás um Pateta nas Mãos da Abin e da Oligarquia Tupiniquim?

Em agosto de 2016, o jornalista e economista norte-americano Paul Craig Roberts, secretário-adjunto do Tesouro para a Política Econômica dos Estados Unidos na administração do presidente Ronald Reagan em 1981, escreveu em Serás um Pateta nas Mãos da CIA?:…

Source: globalresearch.ca

Target2 and Secret Bailouts: Will Germany be Forced Into a Fiscal Union with Rest of Eurozone?

Project Syndicate writer, Hans-Werner Sinn, explains why the ECB’s asset purchases and Target2 imbalances constitute “Europe’s Secret Bailout”.

Under the ECB’s QE program, which started in March 2015, eurozone members’ central banks buy private market securities for €1.74 trillion ($1.84 trillion), with more than €1.4 trillion to be used to purchase their own countries’ government […]

Uri Avnery – Marwan Barghouti, the Palestine Nelson Mandela

Jim W. Dean – This is Uri at his best today, going to bat for an abused underdog with which he very politically aligned, Marwan Barghouti, who has been spending a lot of his life in prison for resisting the Zionist occupation, like the Zionists did with the British.

Source: veteranstoday.com

Moscow demands OPCW explain how White Helmets emerged unharmed in Syrian sarin attack

Gordon Duff – Editor’s note: This article was “erased” by hackers when it was posted on VT 48 hours ago.

Source: veteranstoday.com

‘59% of Britons live in areas where diesel pollution threatens health’

  This file photo taken on February 17, 2017 shows trraffic queuing in central London on February 17, 2017. (Photo by AFP) Sixty percent of Britain’s population lives in areas where air pollution levels are life-threatening. According to a study published in The Guardian, 59% of Britons are living in towns and cities where nitrogen […]