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Make America Safe: Put Congress on Permanent Recess (What the Sanction Bill is Really About)

House Speaker Paul Ryan just bragged the House passed “one of the most expansive sanction packages in history.” The bill places sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

The bill passed by a veto-proof margin 419-3. The three members of Congress who are on the right side of the debate (all Republicans) are Rep. Justin Amash of […]

“Politically Correct”: The War on Free Speech, Free Press, Free Internet and the Truth. What is the Endgame?

This article was first published in October 2016, in the weeks leading up to the US presidential elections

“A populace deprived of the ability to separate lies from truth, is no longer capable of sustaining a free society.” — Journalist Chris Hedges

As the ruling elite pushes its rigged election, forcibly cramming crime boss Hillary down […]

Congressman Luis Gutierrez Calls Donald Trump A ‘Major Criminal’ That Must Be ‘Eliminated’

Is it proper for a sitting member of Congress to call for the president of the United States to be “eliminated”? Despite all of the chaos and all of the violence that we have seen so far, Democrats continue to stir up even more anger and even more hatred. Words have power, and our leaders […]

Watch: “There’s An Effort Underway To Tear Up The Constitution” As The Economy Nears Collapse

When it comes to state of our economy and the corruption of our government, most of us are on the outside looking in. We see the results of our government’s collusion with corporations and banks, but we don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors and how it all works.

Catherine Austin […]

Muslim Cop Who Shot White Woman Finally Talks (she was a cunt)

Muslim Cop Who Shot White Woman Finally Talks, People Horrified by What He Let Slip Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More… Written by JayWill7497 Minnesota was recently thrust into mayhem after a once-lauded Somali-American police officer shot and murdered an innocent, unarmed woman. Although he’s remained silent and uncooperative with investigators, it appears that […]

U.S. Navy fires warning shots at Iranian patrol boat

NORTHERN ARABIAN GULF (INTELLIHUB) — Warning shots were fired by a Cyclone-class patrol craft (USS Thunderbolt) when an Iranian patrol boat approached a U.S. Navy guided-missile carrier and closed to a distance of 150 yards.

The incident occurred about 10:20 a.m. local time, according to reports.

Featured Image: ARABIAN GULF (March 15, 2017) The […]

‘Peace process Israeli scam to steal Palestine’ – Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson on Press TV

Israelis have “engineered” the propaganda that they are under constant threat in order to pave the way for their expansionist agenda.

Source: veteranstoday.com

The Reason US Police Murder US Citizens

Copyright .© Paul Craig Roberts 2016.- Please contact us for information on syndication rights.

This site offers factual information and viewpoints that might be useful in arriving at an understanding of the events of our time. We believe that the information comes from reliable sources, but cannot guarantee the information to be free of […]

Scientists Warn That The Countdown To The Extinction of The Human Race Is Accelerating

By Michael Snyder, on July 25th, 2017

Humanity is steamrolling toward a date with extinction, and yet most people have absolutely no idea that this is happening.  Most of us like to think that we are part of the smartest, tallest and fastest generation in human history, but science has actually shown that the […]

That Mass Extinction Study is a Collectivist Hoax

By Vin Armani In this video, Vin Armani discusses a recent study claiming that another mass extinction is upon us. The study was done by…

Source: activistpost.com

Report: ISIS Had The Ingredients For A Frightening Weapon: “Fires Off Just Enough Radioactivity Upfront To Kill You”

This report was originally published by Will Porter at TheDailySheeple.com

When the Islamic State captured the city of Mosul in its 2014 blitzkrieg, the militant group obtained access to a highly lethal material that would have been useful for a “dirty weapon,” the Washington Post reports.

In taking Mosul, the Islamic State controlled a city […]

“Time Is Running Out” – China Is Planning For A Crisis Along North Korean Border

Editor’s Note: Our geo-political analyst Jeremiah Johnson has repeatedly warned of the rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. Based on the following report from ZeroHedge.com, It appears that the issues may soon boil over as President Trump prepares decapitation strikes on North Korean leadership and an all-out assault on the country’s nuclear program. While many […]

Why Smart Guns Are Incredibly Dumb: Hacker Cracks Smart Gun With $15 Magnets

Smart guns probably provide the last chance for gun control advocates to have their way. After trying and failing for decades to completely eviscerate gun rights in America, their last best hope is to simply let defiant gun owners have their weapons, but with conditions. They’ll try to compromise with gun owners, and […]

HTS And Ahrar Al-Sham: Revolutionary Flag And Future Of Syrian Opposition


Written by Hadi Gholami Nohouji exclusively for SouthFront

These past days Idlib has —yet again— seen fierce battles between the extremist group Ahrar Al-Sham and the Al-Qaeda linked Hayat Tahrir Sham (HTS), battles that are weakening to the point of collapse the, arguably, strongest of the anti-Assad forces.

This new wave of conflict […]

7 Days Left To Keep SF Alive Next Month


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7 DAYS LEFT until to allocate budget for the next month.

Only about 55% [2778 USD] of the minimal needed amount has been collected so far.

SouthFront is a operating only on your donations.

The project does not receive any funding […]