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Uri Avnery – The Visitation, or The Donald Cometh unto the Promised Land

Jim W. Dean – I knew we would be hearing from Uri about the Donald ‘Moses’ Trump visit to the Holy Land with Uri’s usual wit and satire, and it is all here for you to enjoy

Source: veteranstoday.com

Arab NATO reserve force to fight terrorism is myth and propaganda

Jim W. Dean – Peter Ford is out in front once again, debunking mass-media fake geopolitical news, which the airheads in Saudi Arabia have taken the lead on with their paper Arab NATO.

Source: veteranstoday.com

Why they hate us: US airstrikes kill another 35 civilians in eastern Syria

US-led airstrikes in Syria‘s oil-rich eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr have killed at least 35 civilians, mostly women and children, a monitoring group says. According to the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the strikes targeted a series of residential buildings in the town of Mayadin on Thursday. It said the dead included “at least […]

The Next Stock Market Crash Will Be Blamed On Donald Trump But It Will Be The Federal Reserve’s Fault Instead

By Michael Snyder, on May 28th, 2017

A stock market crash is coming, and the Democrats and the mainstream media are going to blame Donald Trump for it even though it won’t be his fault.  The truth is that we were headed for a major financial crisis no matter who won the election.  The […]

5 Tips To Stop You From Wasting Your Budget At The Supermarket

How self-sufficient are you? Do you grow any of your own foods, or at least cook your own meals from scratch?

If not, you’re dependent on the grocery store for survival and you’re eating foods that may be killing you.

And you’re definitely spending way more than you should be on food.

But how […]

Syria’s Assad Just Explained How America Really Works

While Americans endlessly battle each other over seemingly important choices like Clinton and Trump or Democrats and Republicans, it is clear that the majority of the population has little understanding of how the U.S. government operates. Yet, for those who pay the price for the apathy and confusion of the general population of the West, […]

ISIS Touches Down in the Philippines. Islamic State Mayhem in Mindanao

Mayhem broke out across the southern Philippine city of Marawi where militants besieged it and hoisted flags of the so-called “Islamic State.” Located on the southern island of Mindanao, the city is only slightly removed from Al Qaeda affiliate Abu Sayyaf’s primary area of operation on nearby Jolo and Basilan islands.

The UK Independent in […]

Britain: Tories in Retreat – All-Out for a Corbyn Victory!

This article was initially published prior to the Manchester terror attack on May 22, 2017

Within hours of the launch of the Tory manifesto, the Conservative lead over Labour in the polls was slashed by half. The Tories are in a crisis over their “dementia tax” bombshell, which is a direct attack on the aged […]

Haunted by the Ghosts of War

Memorial Day, May 29th, is his birthday. He died defending his country. A true war hero, a naval officer, he risked his life to save his men. Like so many we should remember on Memorial Day, he goes before us as an exemplar of courage, real patriotism, and a witness to war’s brutality.

But remembering all the war […]

Video: Hollywood’s Pro-Soviet Propaganda vs. The “Russia Probe”

This title might surprise you.

But at the height of the Second World War, America and the Soviet Union were allies.

And Hollywood as of June 1941 was involved in producing a very different type of war film.

The United States’ attitude towards the Soviet Union shifted on 22nd of june 1941, when Hitler began […]

Trump Drop the Hammer: Vietnam Combat Disabled to Lose Benefits

Gordon Duff – I call this murder and as a veterans service officer for 25 years, I know if which I speaketh. Trump has ordered disabled veterans be ousted from the system as freeloaders.

Source: veteranstoday.com

“All White People Leave Campus Or Else” – Leftist Student Mob Threatens Violence Unless Demands Are Met

Once again showing their tolerance and willingness to accept people of all races, creeds and cultures, a mob of protesters nearly went to blows with Bret Weinstein, a professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

As the video shows, the mob of about 50 students gathered outside Weinstein’s classroom following demands that all white people […]

Pentagon confirms it killed over 100 civilians in Mosul in March 2017

A Pentagon investigation has found that more than 100 civilians were killed after the U.S. dropped a bomb on a building in Mosul, Iraq, in March. The probe found that the U.S. bomb triggered secondary explosions from devices clandestinely planted there by ISIS fighters. And the military says the secondary blasts caused the concrete building […]

Calls To Ban Bitcoin Grow Louder After Ransomware Attack

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani covers the predictable fallout from the WannaCry ransomware attack. First they blame North Korea and bitcoin. Then an establishment think tank connects bitcoin to terrorism and press Congress to ban it.

[embedded content]

Watch the full broadcast hereLive free and succeed outside the rigged system! Join the […]

NATO Woos Trump With 9/11 Wreckage – #NewWorldNextWeek