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Janet Yellen Says A New Financial Crisis Probably Won’t Happen ‘In Our Lifetimes’ But The BIS Says One Could Soon Hit ‘With A Vengeance’

By Michael Snyder, on June 28th, 2017

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is quite convinced that the United States will not experience another financial crisis for a very long time to come.  In fact, she is publicly saying that she does not believe that another one will happen “in our lifetimes”.  But there are […]

New Details Disclosed about US Downing of Syrian Fighter Jet in Raqqa

A leading US magazine revealed new details about the US F-18’s downing of a Syrian Su-22 fighter jet over Raqqa, noting that the American-made weapons do not always work as claimed.

Source: veteranstoday.com

Russia to US officials: Get that through your heads—we’ve got nukes, too

When Oliver Stone asked Vladimir Putin whether the US will dominate or not if a nuclear war breaks out, Putin responded, “No one will survive such a war.”

Source: veteranstoday.com

NATO Secretary General Warns Future Cyber Attacks Could Spark A War

It used to be that malware was known as a minor annoyance at best, and at worse could turn your computer into an expensive brick. But these days malware is capable of rapidly spreading across the globe, infecting water and power systems, government and corporate computer networks, banks, and even stock exchanges.

In […]

Must watch video proving CNN is a fake news propaganda machine

In this must watch video, Paul Joseph Watson exposes CNN with video evidence of how the fake news network deceives its viewers. With recent video released by James O’Keefe from Project Veritas proving the network made up the Russia narrative with no evidence just to boost its ratings as a directive from their CEO and […]

How To Survive A Train Accident

In one of my recent articles, I talked about surviving an airplane crash. Today we’ll contemplate another catastrophic scenario: how to survive a train accident. I know, it’s holiday season, so let be happy and all that, but better safe than sorry, right? After all, what’s happier than being alive?

The thing is, airplane […]

Supreme Court Weighs in on Trump’s Travel Ban

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On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed to review lower court injunctions against Trump’s travel ban in October.

US District and Appeals Courts blocked them …

Source: globalresearch.ca

Video: US Launches Hideous Propaganda Campaign to Justify Military Action Against Syria

Featured image: Additional units of US marines assisting the fight in Raqqa (Source: South Front)

The US is actively preparing public opinion for a direct military aggression against Syria. The White House claimed on Monday that it has a “potential” …

Source: globalresearch.ca

Two Black Men Films: Fences and Moonlight

Featured image: Theatrical trailer of Fences starring Denzel Washington (Source: Movie Insider)

Both of these award-winning new releases are exclusively acted by Black Americans and could be seen as slices of African American life. Each focuses on the life of …

Source: globalresearch.ca

Amazing Progress Illinois Style: Welcome to the Obama Expressway!

Yesterday, in response to alleged “progress” on Obamacare I penned Mish’s Rule of Progress.

Today, I am pleased to announce even more amazing budget progress in the state of Illinois.

First, let’s recap progress at the national level.

On Tuesday, President Trump called all the Republican Senators to a meeting to resolve the Obamacare bill in […]

NEO – Even the Torah May Not Protect Ukraine’s Corrupt

Jim W. Dean – Personally I don’t consider Ukraine to even be a real country, simply because it imports foreigners and gives them instant citizenship to fill major government positions. Only a cartoon-comic book country would do such a thing.

Source: veteranstoday.com

Syrian War Report – June 28, 2017: US Launches Campaign To Justify Military Action Against Syria

…from SouthFront The US is actively preparing public opinion for a direct military aggression against Syria. The White House claimed on Monday that it has a “potential” evidence that the Bashar Assad government was preparing for another chemical weapons attack that “would likely result if the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.” Press Secretary […]

New Invasive Measures Are Coming to Your Local Airport

By Derrick Broze The federal government is going to begin searching through travelers’ books at the airport as airlines test out fingerprint scans. Next time…

Source: activistpost.com

Why Congress Won’t Agree to Stop Arming Terrorists

The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan – Lt. General William Odom said in 2008:

By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In ‘78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international

Source: globalresearch.ca

People In Aleppo Fight with Booby Traps and Deadly Bombs of Militants

It’s not a secret for anyone, how much hardship, how much grief and suffering people endure as they confront many various explosive devices, booby-traps and other deadly bombs especially on the territory of settlements. Aleppo, the largest city of Syria, was literally loaded and the fields strewn with all kinds of explosives and mines left […]