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Don’t Let Trump Drama Distract You While Congress Dismantles Medicaid

Mark Trahant

Reality TV works for one simple reason: The antics of the characters are beyond what’s believable in fiction. It’s compelling drama because normal people do not do such things. So part of watching is to find out when the story arc ends, to discover when the situation becomes “normal” again. (Even though the […]

The Death of the Republic

Chris Hedges

The deep state’s decision in ancient Rome—dominated by a bloated military and a corrupt oligarchy, much like the United States of 2017—to strangle the vain and idiotic Emperor Commodus in his bath in the year 192 did not halt the growing chaos and precipitous decline of the Roman Empire.

Source: commondreams.com

Trump to Propose Massive Cuts to Safety Net in ‘Utter Betrayal’ Budget

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump’s first major budget proposal on Tuesday will include massive cuts to Medicaid and Social Security, among other safety net programs, according to new reports.

Source: commondreams.com

Veterans Oppose Trump Policies, Wars; Rally at Lincoln Memorial; March to White House

Veterans for PeaceOn Tuesday, May 30, at 11:00 am, veterans and supporters will mass at the Lincoln Memorial. Speakers include Veterans For Peace President Barry Ladendorf, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, David Swanson, Medea Benjamin, Chris Hedges, Brian Becker, Col. Ann Wright, Mara Verhayden Hilliard, Michael McPhearson, and Matt Hoh.

Source: commondreams.com

‘Extraordinary’: Trump Administration Seeks to Shut Down Lobbyist Ethics Probe

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Trump administration is attempting to squash an ethics inquiry into former lobbyists now working for government, according to the New York Times.

Source: commondreams.com

In Rallies Across Montana, Sanders and Quist Rail Against ‘Un-American Healthcare Plan’

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Indicating that hunger for a people’s revolution continues to grow throughout the United States, thousands of Montanans packed rallies across the state this weekend to hear Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) campaign alongside Rob Quist, a career musician who is running for the open U.S. House seat in Thursday’s upcoming special election.

Source: commondreams.com

Moving by Stealth or Blatantly, Texas Advances Discriminatory Bills

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

“The Texas lawmakers of the 85th legislative session are on the wrong side of history.”

So declared Chuck Smith, CEO of Equality Texas, on Sunday after state lawmakers voted to advance discriminatory legislation, moving forward two anti-LGBTQ bills that critics say are part of a “slate of hate” the legislature is […]

White House Blocks OGE’s Ability to Enforce Ethics Rules

Common Cause

The White House move to block the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) from collecting waivers granted by Trump Administration nominees to work in fields where they recently lobbied is an outrage and part of a disturbing pattern. OGE was created in the wake of the Watergate scandal to monitor ethics compliance, but the […]

There Is No Getting Around the Fact That Restricting Abortion Access Has Economic Consequences for Women

Jennifer Dalven

Recently, Lori Szala the national director of client services for the Human Coalition, wrote an op-ed in The New York Times attempting to deny a connection between the availability of abortion and the economic well-being of women and families. Ms.

Source: commondreams.com

The Time Is Now to Stand Up for the CFPB

Isaiah Poole

Mark Feuer, the Los Angeles City Attorney who helped hold Wells Fargo accountable for creating millions of fake accounts without customers’ knowledge, now warns against efforts by the Trump administration and Congress to dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Source: commondreams.com

McDonald’s Workers and Trump Resistance to Jointly Declare: “This Greed Must End”

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Describing McDonald’s as “the Donald Trump of corporations,” workers and leaders in the Trump resistance movement are joining forces for a massive protest against the fast food giant this week.

Source: commondreams.com

Trump Official Praises Autocratic Rule: ‘Not a Single Hint of a Protester’ in Saudi Arabia

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Putting a fine point on the spin that President Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East has been a glowing, peace-dealing success, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross praised the fact that there were no protesters in Saudi Arabia—a nation where political dissonance is punisha

Source: commondreams.com

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Applauds SCOTUS Finding of Racial Gerrymandering by the North Carolina Legislature

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the redrawing of two congressional districts by the North Carolina legislature following the 2010 census was an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.

Source: commondreams.com

ACLU of Texas Comment of Passage of Anti-LGBT Legislation


Over the weekend, the Texas Senate voted to pass House Bill 3859 (HB 3859), a bill that would allow child welfare caseworkers and state-funded child adoption and foster agencies to impose their personal religious beliefs on children in their care and disqualify LGBT families from the State’s foster and adoption system. The Texas House of […]

Landmark Report Shows Bee-killing Seed Coatings Aren’t Worth the Harm

Center for Food Safety

A new report, Alter

Source: commondreams.com