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The US in Syria: Boots on the Ground or Get the Heck Out?

Remember the high hopes for the “Arab Spring” in 2011? It’s almost forgotten now, apart from one grim legacy – the Syrian Civil War. This has now been raging for more than six years; more than 100,000 people are dead, nearly four million have become refugees, another ten million are displaced inside the country and […]

How To Treat A Painful Sprain On The Field

Accidents always happen when you explore the great outdoors. Sometimes, it’s a common thing to hear a snap or crack when you push yourself. When people go over their ankle or twist their knee medical aid is required. If there isn’t a fracture and all you have to deal with is a sprain, here is […]

Are We Headed For A Financial Collapse?

I’ve been hearing predictions of a financial collapse for a long time now. It seems that every few months, a new “expert,” either real or manufactured for marketing purposes, is making their own prognostications about our economy and none of them are good.

I’ve even made a few of my own, based upon my […]

5 Wilderness Survival “Rules” That Are Actually Myths

Survival show hosts make surviving in the wilderness look like a walk in the park. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the bush contains a veritable buffet of food.

Unfortunately, the mainstream perception of wilderness survival is fraught with misinformation and half-truths like these 5 myths that will get preppers killed.

Myth 1: Living […]

Survival Myth Explained: Can Playing Dead Save Your Life?

When you are in a life or death situation with just a few seconds to a minute remaining, some strategies will work better than others. Ultimately, you’ll be locked into your decision to stay and fight it out until you win or you die, or to try and escape.

Playing dead is one of these […]

10 Great Depression Era Strategies For Saving Money

The Great Depression was an extremely difficult period around the world  as a result of the depression that began in America. Unemployment reached to 25 percent in the United States, and most people’s bank savings were wiped out. People started migrating to other areas in search of jobs, and farmers began migrating in the false […]

9 Ways To Make Your Body Fail When You Need It To Survive

When it comes to survival, having a strong body is one big factor to count on.

A friend of mine – who wrote a great medical survival guide – told me a story once.

He was working at McDonald’s, and an obese woman came in and asked for 3 Big Macs, 2 dollar-menu McChickens, […]

5 Common Foods That Are Slowly Killing You

It’s a confusing time to try to be a healthy eater. One government agency says that a product is heart-healthy, while another is terrible for you, but then other sites, that aren’t dictated by the whims of Big Ag say just the opposite. So who’s right?

I was raised on a farm. We had […]

Prep Blog Review: What Are You Preparing For?

Maybe you are new to prepping, or you have already started preparing but you are overwhelmed by the amount of information you find online. I am asking you and you one simple question that should at the basis of all your survival plans: what are you preparing for?

Are you preparing for a […]

How To Catch Minnows as Bait for Survival Fishing

These are strange and dangerous times we live in for sure. If you are a survivalist you probably have your things ready to go in case a SHTF scenario occurs. In your survival pack there are some essential things that should be in there and some of them must be some fishing line, a few […]

24 Lost Gardening Tips from 100 Years Ago

While many things improve with age and advanced technology, there are some things that stand the test of time. What worked perfectly a century ago is still just as effective and useful today as it was then. Here are some great gardening tips from the early 1900’s.

100 years ago Gallaher Ltd printed a short […]

10 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know and Why

Thousands of millennia before the first European settlers came to the North American continent, humanity’s ancestors have relied on trees for sustenance, survival and well-being. Even today, the native trees of North America (not to mention introduced species) can provide for all of our basic needs if we know how to harvest, process and prepare […]

The Seven Principles of Safe Camping When Bugging Out

There are few things more frightening than camping for several days in a remote backcountry shelter, only to be disturbed by unwanted guests. If your bugging out plan implies camping in the wild, you need to learn seven principles of safe camping.

Once the brown stuff hits the fan, it will be every man for […]

How to go self-sufficient at home

The world is constantly evolving, and it’s not always for the best. Being self-sufficient within the home is like being in survival mode and it means you are always one step ahead with preparedness than the majority of people. The supermarket, the water supplier and the power grid, are you prepared if they all went […]

Try These Unusual Fish Baits for a Successful Catch

Every fisherman knows that fishing success depends on finding the perfect spot and using the proper fish baits. Most of them prefer to use worms, maggots or homemade bait to bring back home a basket full of fish. However, when you lack the proper bait, you can still enjoy a good catch with these unusual […]