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Prep Blog Review: Today It’s About Food

It’s only the third in line when comes to the rule of three, but you just can’t skip it in case of a crisis. You’ll need shelter first, then water to stay alive, while food will give you energy and comfort.

You have to be able to sustain your family when food will be hard […]

Did You Nail That Wild Turkey? Here’s How To Do It

When it comes to hunting, many people think of turkeys as being traditional. Hunting turkeys is not especially difficult, you must still observe some basic rules and take certain precautions.

Whether you are interested in a holiday meal, or another animal to add to your list of game to take for survival needs, learning to […]

Making Old Pioneer Sourdough For Traditional Baking

I’m fascinated by the old ways of living and my mother and grandmother were the ones that showed me how to do things the old-fashioned way. I love to bake and I often surprise my family and friends with old recipes. Making pioneer sourdough is one of the teachings I try to pass on and […]

Racism Isn’t Who We Are

Regardless of what the mainstream media and others on the left say, those of us who consider ourselves conservatives aren’t racists. Race just isn’t an issue to us. We look at people to see how competent they are, not the color of their skin.

Of course, that doesn’t stop progressives from calling us racist, as one […]

How to Make Amish Sweet Bread

If you’ve never done it before, making bread can seem a bit daunting, prone to disaster at every turn. It’s not really so bad as all that, though. While it’s obviously more time consuming to make bread from scratch than it is to buy it, learning how could make your life much easier if society […]

Deer Hunting: Best Practices For The Novice

Deer is one of the most commonly hunted animals within the United States. For good reason too, they’re the smallest and least elusive of the large game animals and the tags usually aren’t going to break the bank.

It’s not quite as simple as sitting in a stand waiting for them to walk under you […]

How to Keep Eggs Fresh for a Year with Isinglass

There are many ways of preserving eggs when you’re fortunate enough to have a glut of them, but by and large, each one has its shortcomings.

Pickling eggs when all your girls are laying in the summer gives tasty and reliable results, but the eggs are cooked and the strong pickled flavour isn’t ideal for […]

Top 10 Easiest Vegetables For New Gardeners

We’ve talked at length about the most nutritious vegetables to grow, and about how to choose seeds and save them for the next year.

We’ve also talked about how to build a compost pile, and do container gardening, and just about every other gardening topic that you can think of, but what about what’s just […]

15 Rules for Building Your Prepper Pantry

Building a food pantry with enough of the right foods can be an overwhelming undertaking. Knowing what to stock requires research and planning. Keeping track of it all is another task entirely.  But don’t let yourself become discouraged, we are here to make it easier. While we won’t be giving you a specific list of […]

How To Preserve Food In The Ground Like The Pioneers

The pioneers had to endure harsh winters and food wasn’t as abundant back then as it is today. They had to come up with all sorts of ingenious ways to preserve food and make it last longer. Natural storage was one of the first choices for them and they learned how to preserve food in […]

13 Ways To Keep Your House Cool In The Summer

Summer heat seems to be intensifying each year. So many are asking how can we possibly stay cool during the summer? AC of course!!! Here are some tips and tricks for living without air conditioning, but what will you do if an earthquake, flood, or tornado knocks out the power grid?

If a major disaster […]

Prepping Between Reality And Paranoia

We often let our imagination run wild and we put ourselves in all sorts of hypothetical scenarios. As preppers, a little skepticism may help us push forward with our prepping plans and keep us alive if SHTF. However, an excess of imagination can do more harm than good. Here is how we can keep a […]

The Ultimate Survival Tree That Grows on Almost Every Street in America

This tree is so common in the U.S. that you can see it planted on the streets, in parks, and in residential areas (due to its use as a specimen or for its dense shade). But it’s actually native to the Eastern U.S. It prefers moist soils, so it grows nears creeks, streams, and ponds. […]

Top 50 Things To Disappear From Stores Before A Natural Disaster

Every time a big storm is predicted, you see people panicking and ransacking regional stores. These are the same people that call folks like you and me “odd”. They think we exaggerate with our prepping plans and we won’t need all the things we stockpile. Before a natural disaster, the following things will disappear faster […]

Top Ten Trees For Survival And Wilderness Living

If you plan to bug out to or just spend more time in the wilderness, it makes sense to learn about tress you could use for survival. You would have to exploit what resources are available in a certain region and you need to recognize the species you could use to make your life easier. […]