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New Ways To Wash Your Clothes Without Electricity (It’s Not As Hard As You Think)

One problem with living off the grid is that there are a number of fantastic labor-saving devices we no longer can use.

Now, don’t get me wrong: There are plenty of reasons why our ancestors enthusiastically embraced these technologies. But from time to time, it is helpful to step back in time either because of […]

A Broke U.S. City Just Dissolved; Street Lights Turned Off; Garbage Pickup Ceases

A city government in Iowa has vanished completely because of unpaid sewer bills. For citizens, that means all government services provided by the city of Mount Union abruptly stopped.

Street lights were turned off permanently, garbage service ended and all city employees laid off in Mount Union, the Associated Press reported. It also means the […]

Overlooked Repair Parts That Smart Preppers Stockpile

Image source: Pixabay.com

Once someone starts upon the road of preparedness, it seems never to end. The idea of actually having enough to get through any crisis may be something we all aspire to, but it’s an elusive goal.

There’s really no way of knowing what will be enough, without knowing what sort […]

12 Clever Ways To Keep Rodents (Including Chipmunks!) Out Of Your Garden

Image source: Pixabay.com

Every gardener knows that enemies lurk in the bushes and trees – from chipmunks to rabbits to squirrels. In some ways, they can be the toughest to repel in the garden.

But if you know what you’re doing, you can deter them naturally. In this article, we’ll first examine the […]

Tricking Out Your AR-15 For Survival: 5 Things To Do

Image source: santantactical.com

When the M-16 was first introduced to the Army during the Vietnam War, it was not readily accepted. On one hand, this is common, as military personnel aren’t quick to give up their old guns. But on the other hand, rumor has it that some of the plastic parts for […]

5 Old-Fashioned Herbal Remedies For Kidney Stones

Image source: Pixabay.com

If you have ever had a kidney stone, then you know how painful it can be to pass them. Kidney stones are made up of hard, crystallized deposits of uric acid, calcium and amino acid cysteine.

If you are fortunate, then you can pass several kidney stones at one time […]

Joseph Rago (age 34) that won a Pulitzer for his anti-Obamacare journalism found dead at home. Another Clinton hit?

Joseph Rago, Wall Street Journal Editorial Writer, Dies at 34 Pulitzer Prize winner was known for his well-reported pieces and policy influence media-object header “> Joseph Rago made his biggest mark writing about health care, winning the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing for his editorials challenging reforms pushed by President Barack Obama. […]

Hollywood Stars for Donald Trump (List)

 Hollywood Stars for Donald Trump (List)  Voting with the Stars: Trump’s supporters range from Kid Rock to Ann Coulter to Gary Busey and Dennis Rodman Itay Hod | February 24, 2016 @ 3:12 PM  Donald Trump may not have many endorsements from many A-listers or professional politicians, but celebrities are starting to come out for […]

167 Sad Losers that totally outes themselves as lame dreamers that actually believe thay accurately portray the charectors they play pretend with s

167 Hollywood Stars for Hillary Clinton (List)

Just to be sure all you guys on this list understand no one, i mean no one gives a shit what you fucking think, you are not fucking Rambo, the Terminator, or any other “ilIusionary you pretend to be you are fucking actors thats it you lie […]

Social housing crisis: Number of homeless children in temporary accommodation soars by 40% (All Vaccinated? So who gives a fuck?)


Source: 12160.info

How Haitian Earthquake Relief Efforts Pulled Off a Huge Con Job, With the Help of Mainstream Media (Suckers)

Money that was promised to provide “tens of thousands of people with permanent homes” reportedly only made it to a total of six. By Timothy T. Schwartz / CreateSpace July 20, 2017, 11:33 AM GMT Print 26 COMMENTS

PORT-AU-PRINCE – AUGUST 22: The collapsed Presidential Building in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on August 22, 2010.Photo Credit: arindambanerjee […]

Link found between mercury and autism (Say it isn’t true?)

In the U.S., by the time children reach the age of 2 they will have had as many as 24 vaccine injections, and protocol allows for as many as five in a single doctor’s visit.

Most infants have been receiving up to 15 doses of mercury-containing vaccines by the time they are six months old.


Dept of Defense admitting ‘losing’ $6.5 trillion (And i thought it was only 3.2000,000,000,000 pretty soon we’ll be talking REAL money)

Documentation of US Dept of Defense admitting ‘losing’ $6.5 trillion ($65,000 per average US family), with 18 year history of ‘losing’ trillions. Your .01% illegal rogue state government at ‘work’ until ‘We the People’ demand arrests for OBVIOUS crimes in war, looting, lying Posted on July 19, 2017 by Carl Herman

Catherine Austin Fitts just […]

Iran’s state TV: ‘Turkey has waged war on the United States’

Source: 12160.info

Muslim Cop Who Shot White Woman Finally Talks (she was a cunt)

Muslim Cop Who Shot White Woman Finally Talks, People Horrified by What He Let Slip Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More… Written by JayWill7497 Minnesota was recently thrust into mayhem after a once-lauded Somali-American police officer shot and murdered an innocent, unarmed woman. Although he’s remained silent and uncooperative with investigators, it appears that […]