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“Fake Research”: Seattle Mayor Knew Critical Min. Wage Study Was Coming, So He Called Berkeley ‘Economists’

Earlier this week we wrote about a study published by the University of Washington which was fairly damning for Seattle’s $15 minimum wage.  To our total ‘shock’, the study found that higher minimum wages caused a 9.4% reduction to total hours worked by low-skilled workers, or roughly 14 million hours per year.  Given that a […]

The Federal Reserve Is A Saboteur – And The “Experts” Are Oblivious

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com,

I have written on the subject of the Federal Reserve’s deliberate sabotage of the U.S. economy many times in the past. In fact, I even once referred to the Fed as an “economic suicide bomber.” I still believe the label fits perfectly, and the Fed’s recent actions I […]

Is America Really Coming Apart? (Spoiler Alert, Yes!)

Authored by Jeff Deist via The Mises Institute,

A new Rasmussen poll reports that a majority of voters think so, and it certainly feels that way. Since Donald Trump’s election in November, the pace and intensity of deeply divisive rhetoric has accelerated. Antifa and the Alt-Right are literally fighting in the streets. Combative talking heads on cable […]

Rolls Royce Now Sells More Of Its Cars To “New Money” Tech Millionaires

Auto manufacturers have been bracing for a slump in car sales in the coming years as ownership rates for younger generations are expected to slump. Their reasoning? Millennials and their ilk tend to favor experiences over luxury goods, while also tending to cluster in urban settings where public transportation is easily accessible.

But there might […]

“Central Bankers Aren’t As Clever (And We’re Not As Dumb) As They Believe”

Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners,

To complete a trifecta, maybe someone could interview Alan Greenspan about rational exuberance.

The last of the latest Fed Chairmen, Janet Yellen, purports this week that the next financial crisis will not be in “our lifetimes.” The issue, however, isn’t even crisis so much as credibility. […]

FBI Director McCabe Subject Of Three Separate Federal Inquiries Into Alleged Misconduct: Report

A couple of days ago we noted that, according to a report from Circa, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe may have made a serious error by refusing to recuse himself from the Michael Flynn investigation.  As it turns out, per court documents reviewed by Circa, McCabe may have harbored a personal vendetta against Flynn after […]

Dopey Playboy WH Correspondent Milks Spotlight By Verbally Attacking Mike Cernovich On Camera

Content originally published at iBankCoin.com

Playboy Magazine White House correspondent Brian Karem has risen to recent notoriety as the MSM’s White House Press Corps defender-in-chief. After Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the topic of MSM bias on Tuesday – referencing an undercover video released by Project Veritas featuring a CNN Producer effectively admitting that the network is Fake News, the […]

Moody’s Warns That Private-Label Credit Card Issuers Will Be Crushed By Retail Implosion

We’ve spent a lot of time of late talking about the retail implosion currently underway in the United States courtesy of a massive oversupply of retail square footage and a simultaneous shift in demand toward more online purchases.  In fact, we recently highlighted a report from Credit Suisse which suggested that nearly 9,000 retail locations […]

US Foils Fake Chemical Attack It Predicted, Mainstream Media Pats Self on Back

Well, we can all rest easy — the chemical weapons attack mainstream media predicted Assad would carry out against his own people has been successfully thwarted by mainstream media, which credited mainstream media’s original pre-crisis reporting for successfully averting the crisis.

Per Reuters:

“U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Wednesday that the […]

CNN Melts Down Over Trump Complimenting Female Reporter’s Smile

Controversial and regular guest on CNN, Symone Sanders, melted down on a panel of guests today, who converged to discuss today’s impeachable offense. During a call to the PM or Ireland, the vaginal grabbing President had the audacity, as well as the gall, to compliment one of the Irish supporters, telling her that she had […]

CNN Proclaims Trump’s War On Media “Is Physically Endangering Reporters”

It’s been a tough week for CNN, so they needed a distraction, and what better way to try and gain back some credibility – from a worldwide audience now likely questioning every word out of the ‘news’ network’s mouth – than to proclaim “we are going to see a reporter face physical harm because” of […]

Demolishing The Myths Behind The War On Cash

Authored by Ronald-Peter Stoferle via The Mises Institute,

The attacks on physical cash from a phalanx of economists, central bankers, commercial banks, and politicians have not diminished in recent years. On the contrary, in the face of the worldwide increase in terror attacks, particularly in Europe, and ongoing pressure on public budgets, the cash ban […]

John Podesta Hauled In For Closed-Door Questioning By House Intel Committee

Zero Hedge

Looks like Johnny’s got some ‘splainin to do.

Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta was hauled in front of the House Intelligence Committee during a closed session on Tuesday – ostensibly to answer questions about the Obama administratio’s handling of intelligence that Russia tried to hack state voting systems – and, strangely […]

SCOTUS Travel Ban Decision Summarized In 1 Cartoon

Scales of justice…


Source: MichaelPRamirez.com

Top Canadian Court Permits Worldwide Internet Censorship

Authored by Aaron Mackey, Corynne McSherry, and Vera Ranieri via The Electronic Frontier Foundation,

A country has the right to prevent the world’s Internet users from accessing information, Canada’s highest court ruled on Wednesday.

In a decision that has troubling implications for free expression online, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a company’s effort to […]