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Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, And The Petrodollar

Submitted by Nick Giambruno via InternationalMan.com,

Obama pulled out his veto pen 12 times during his presidency.

Congress only overrode him once…

In late 2016, Obama vetoed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). The bill would allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia in US courts.

With only months left in office, […]

Mnuchin Praises Strong Dollar, Adds To Currency Confusion

Following today’s more dovish than most expected minutes, the dollar tumbled and its main carry counterpart, the yen spiked. However, shortly after 4pm, the USDJPY resumed its levitation, a time when the traditional trust bank intervention on behalf of the BOJ was not yet in play. The reason for the updraft in the dollar was […]

Trump Delays New Travel Ban To Next Week, No Reason Given Why

A White House official sai on Wednesday that Donald Trump is pushing back the release of his revised executive order on travel and refugees until next week. Trump had said that a revamped executive order, tailored to address legal issues that blocked his original travel ban, would be released this week.  No explanation was given […]

Technical Analysis Is Garbage (Video)

By EconMatters

We discuss in this video why Technical Analysis is completely useless right now at these elevated levels in the Financial Markets. It literally all comes down to one thing, who is the big seller that chickens out first.

You can throw all that Technical Analysis Garbage […]

Ten Great Economic Myths

Authored by Murray Rothbard via The Mises Institute,

Our country is beset by a large number of economic myths that distort public thinking on important problems and lead us to accept unsound and dangerous government policies. Here are ten of the most dangerous of these myths and an analysis of what is wrong with them.


Relieve Stress & Heal The Chakras With Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

How to Exit the Matrix

By Lance Shuttler

Yoga, meditation and…Solfeggio frequencies? While the first two practices to relieve physical and emotional stress, as well as to help open and maintain vibrant flow of the chakras are well known, using the Solfeggio frequencies is a third practice many are now including in their daily rituals […]

Activists Occupy Pipeline in North Florida

Earth First Journal

Two people fighting the Sabal Trail Pipeline have occupied a stretch of pipeline in Dunnellon. Mario and Luigi say they’ll stay put until officials revisit the Environmental Impact Statement to include environmental justice communities and school children.

The protesters released a statement shortly after entering the pipe. “We are taking action […]

Unknown Lifeforms Found Hibernating Inside Ancient Crystals

Mysterious Universe

At the 2017 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston, researchers presented their recent study of some peculiar microbes found in a mine outside Chihuahua, Mexico. What makes these microbes so unique is the fact that they do not resemble any other known life forms on Earth and […]

The Origins of One

Ancient Origin

According to Plotinus (Greek philosopher of the 3rd century AC), ‘One’ is the ultimate reality and source of all existence (Yael, 2006). Philo of Alexandria (Jewish-Egyptian philosopher born during the 1st century BC) regarded the number one as God’s number, and the basis for all numbers (“De Allegoriis Legum,” ii.12 [i.66]). Like all truths, the […]

GOOGLE blacklists Natural News… removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science and more

(Natural News) Late last week, I received a direct threat that warned if I did not take steps to destroy Alex Jones and InfoWars, I would be targeted for destruction in a campaign of smears, censorship and defamation. Instead of giving in to the enemy, I refused to take the bait and went public […]

Exxon Cuts Reserves By A Record 3.3 Bilion Barrels As Oil Crash Finally Takes Toll

Last September, when the price of oil was well below where it had been trading for the bulk of the past several years,  we reported that NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was probing why Exxon Mobil hasn’t written down the value of its assets, two years into a pronounced crash in oil prices. The complaint […]

How Corporate Media Continues To Use The ‘Russia Scapegoat’ To Distract from Status Quo Failure

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Countless observers have noted the obvious fact that the corporate media’s all-encompassing obsession with anti-Russia hysteria is partly just a shameless campaign to prevent change within the Democratic Party by blaming its loss on an outside enemy as opposed to the oligarch-coddling, corrupt disaster it nominated. While true, […]

Liberal Ad Agency Drops Infowars, 1st Amendment Assault On Conservative Media Heating Up

Most websites survive on advertising revenue, product sales, or a combination of both. Ads are placed on websites by digital advertising agencies – which are overwhelmingly run by liberals (90% of the industry by one ad exec’s estimation).

To that end, conservative media outlet Infowars has just been axed by San Francisco advertising agency AdRoll – a […]

Philadelphia Soda Tax Leads To 30-50% Plunge In Sales, Mass Layoffs

When Philadelphia became the first US city to pass a soda tax last summer, city officials were eagerly looking forward to the surplus-tax funded windfall to plug gaping budget deficits (and, since this is Philadelphia, the occasional embezzlement scheme). Then, one month ago, after the tax went into effect on January 1st we showed the […]

There Could Be Life: Astronomers Have Discovered Seven Earth-Sized Planets Around a Single Star

NASA has designed a Disneyland-esque travel poster to the new system.

Astronomers have confirmed that an “ultra cool dwarf” star 40 light-years away from Earth called Trappist-1, although not particularly active, has seven Earth-sized planets revolving around it.

Although all seven could have liquid water on the surface, […]