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WATCH: Your Child ‘Belongs to the State’: Lawmakers Claim the State Owns Your Children

Legislators in Texas have been working toward passing a host of laws to reform the state’s Child Protective Services agency. New legislation has been crafted to improve the agency which has seen multiple dilemmas resulting in detrimental safety problems for children in the state. There have been several bills introduced this year aimed at improving […]

$110 Billion in Arms Deals to Saudi Arabia After Trump Visit

On the first day of his first official trip abroad, President Trump inked $110 billion in arms deals to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

Trump talked of “hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs,” and said it was a “tremendous day.”

Among the […]

King Dollar; Breaking key support levels

The US Dollar (CURRENCY:USD) has shown strength versus the Euro (CURRENCY:EUR) since 2008, with the “meat” of that strength coming in the last 3 to 4 years. This strength worked as a headwind for precious metals, emerging markets, and at times, the domestic economy.

But that market dynamic is at a crossroads… and may be nearing a turning point.

A currency “shift” here […]

Sinkhole Opens In Front Of Mar-a-Lago, Jokes Pour In

With Trump traveling half-way around the globe, on Monday an amusing “event of nature” took place at the president’s favorite “ground zero”, when a sinkhole opened up in front of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort where he has previously hosted world leaders including China’s Xi Jinping and Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe, prompting an advisory from the Town […]

Possible Leak Investigated at Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington State – May 22, 2017

The Independent  A sign welcomes drivers to Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Benton County/ AP Images

A possible leak is being investigated at a US nuclear facility after radioactive material was found on a worker’s clothing.

The probe began after a contractor with Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS), detected a spike in radiation levels on a […]

New Moon/SuperMoon in Gemini — May/June 2017 [VIDEO]

Published on May 20, 2017

Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming astrological events:* Powerful New Moon/ SuperMoon in almost 5 degrees of Gemini (on May 25th, 2017 at 3:44pm EDT)* Two T-Squares, one “Yod”, and one Grand Trine* Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) is currently in Taurus* Best and most potent time […]

4 Recent Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out True

Humans Are Free

While the Internet may appear to be a democratized, unfiltered path toward facts and truth, it is easily manipulated. Powerful corporations pay a lot of money to have their dirty laundry buried in the search results underneath contrived puff pieces.

With nearly the entire mainstream media apparatus at their disposal, the government […]

If Kim Dotcom Produces The Goods, Mainstream America Will Be Forced To Wake Up


I think we should put some effort into really digesting the full implications of what could be about to happen in the next few days. Yes, of course it is possible that Kim Dotcom’s shocking claim that he knew Seth Rich and was involved in his giving DNC emails to WikiLeaks […]

UK Threatens To Quit Brexit Talks Over Excessive ‘Divorce Payment’ Demands

Zero Hedge

With negotiations between the UK and EU likely to formally begin on June 19, Bloomberg reports that Brexit Secretary David Davis has pre-emptively lashed out at EU officials, threatening that “The UK will quit talks on leaving the European Union unless the bloc drops its demands for a divorce payment as high as […]

Busted: ISIS Really a Guerrilla Marketing Company

Via The Daily Bell

ISIS wants to poison our water supply, but the joke’s on them! The U.S. government already beat them to the punch.

The extremist group has reportedly poisoned prisoners by spiking their food and water with compounds used in pesticides that are easy to obtain

Security forces now fear the terror network may hatch a […]

Ron Paul Warns Iran Is In The Crosshairs: “Neocons Are Still Writing The Script”

Via The Ron Paul Liberty Report,

Iran has been in neocon crosshairs for a very long time. U.S. Presidential Administrations come and go, Democrat and Republican, but the neocon script has remained the same.

President Trump, voted in as an “outsider,” has adopted the insider script.

Today’s speech in Saudi Arabia was crafted […]

BofA Finally Asks “Is The Tech Bubble Happening Again?”

While not nearly in the same ballpark as what is taking place right now with bitcoin, and its various alt-coin peers, the ~30% YTD move higher in tech stocks has been just as impressive, and is beginning to result in warnings of “deja vu” among at least among some bank analysts. One such growing skeptic, […]

Watch Live: President Trump And Israeli PM Netanyahu Joint Press Conference

Having confirmed earlier in his press conference with Israeli President Rivlin that 1) he did not say the word ‘Israel’ to the Russians, and 2) Iran are the bad guys (confirming the narrative from the Saudis the day before), President Trump is due to join Israeli PM Benjamin Netantahu shortly for a joint press conference…


GEFIRA Responds To Soros’ Senior Officer’s “Fake News” Allegations


An answer to Constanza Hermanin of Huffington Post and formerly of Open Society

Huffington Post recently posted in its blogging section an article,by Constanza Hermanin, professor at Science Po and the College of Europe and former Open Society’s senior officer, one of George Soros’s NGOs.

The Gefira Foundation was accused in the […]

Goldman Warns Of “Sharp Oil Price Drop”, Inventory Glut “If Backwardation Is Not Achieved”

Increasingly some of the more prominent sellside analysts appear to be picking and choosing ideas from their competitors. Earlier, it was JPM echoing Goldman’s reco when it cut its 10Y yield forecast. Now, in a note previewing the outcome of this week’s OPEC meeting and proposing a way forward for OPEC, Goldman’s Damien Couravlin adopted […]