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July 20, 1977: CIA Mind Control Project MKUltra Docs Released for First Time

Sputnik News

“Project MKUltra” was the name given to an illegal program of human experimentation conducted by the US Central Intelligence Agency, which investigated mind control. The 1975 Church Committee hearings exposed the operation – and on July 20, 1977 a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to it.


Responses To The British Medical Association Opening A Debate About Vaccine Mandates

Age of Autism

By John Stone & Jackie Fletcher

Letters published in British Medical Journal Rapid Responses:

UK doctors re-examine case for mandatory vaccination

I read with concern Tom Moberly’s report that the British Medical Association is trying to open a debate about mandating vaccines in the United Kingdom [1] having already made a number […]

Anonymous Bulgaria Leaks Massive 10GB Of Data: “Silk Way Airlines Helps Terrorists”

Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel

Anonymous Bulgaria has leaked 10 GBs of data that suggests Azerbaijani Silk Way Airlines is involved in a billion dollar illegal weapons smuggling operation throughout the Middle East for at least the past three years according to the leaked documents reported by Truthleaks.org.

Middle Eastern reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva was the first known journalist to break the story for Trud.bg.

“350 […]

Two Flint Whistle Blowers Honored With $250K Prize

Colorlines Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha.Photo: Courtesy of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, 2015.

Two of the whistle blowers who brought global attention to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, were recently honored for their work—and they promptly showed that they are still fighting for the city and its residents.

On Friday (July 21), pediatrician Dr. Mona […]


Streamed live 15 hours ago

I talk with John Lear about his situation and all things secret space… Join us! DONATE OR EMAIL JOHN AT [email protected]

John is having health and financial issues and now his mortgage has doubled!  He and his wife do not have air conditioning working in their house and […]

Mysterious plumes of steam rising from Greenland glacier


The photo above was taken by pilot Ágúst Arnbjörnsson on July 11, 2017 during a flight from Keflavik to Portland, from a height of approximately 34,000 feet. The location is 75 km from Kulusuk in Greenland.

The image appears to show three plumes of steam rising from cracks in the glacier, which according to […]

Assange: ‘CIA Not Only Armed Syria’s Insurgents–It Paid Their Salaries’ [VIDEO]

Information Liberation

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is continuing his attempt to “take down America any way he can” by accurately reporting the truth.

Saturday on Twitter, Assange highlighted an article from Thursday where the Financial Times noted how many Syrian rebels are getting salaries from the CIA.

Assange said they “buried the lede”:

Financial Times buries […]

Body Language: Rothchild [VIDEO]

Published on Jul 24, 2017

***Strictly my Opinion***

Original Video(s): https://youtu.be/6sCioKnpHdY

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Evolving on a Soul Level: Relationships, Abundance/Worth, Connections, OpportUNITY, HOW the Physical Correlates, Shows You, Responds

Awakening to Remembering Awakening from separation/human/ego/unconscious/linear realities is confusing at first, as the outside (and inside) don’t make sense for awhile…. Where emphasis used to be placed on the outside world first, this shifts, changes, as you do…. as we all do… as inside awakens (our Spirit/Soul), on a cellular level we are unaware. We […]

Applied Epigenetics: The Art and Science of DNA Activation, Healing and Repair

Era of Light

The Foundations of Epigenetic DNA Activation: Life is Energy

Einstein, Tesla, and the science of quantum physics have shown us that the fabric of the Universe is composed of vibrational strings expressed as energy. Every single cell and organ system, as well as our entire physical body, is encompassed and surrounded by its […]

Giant 4 Armed UFO Passes Near The Sun Once Again In NASA Photo

Cameras on board the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) have captured an image of a gigantic four-armed UFO sailing past our sun.

NASA still won’t talk about the mysterious object which was also spotted in 2011, 2012 and 2016.

 Inquisitr reports:

According to UFO researchers, this is not the first time that the UFO has been […]

Anonymous Vigilante Faces 16 Years in Prison for Exposing Steubenville Rapists Who Walk Free

If the release of a remorseless Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, from jail — after serving only three months out of a nine-month jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster in 2015 — outraged you.

If the news of a Canadian judge faulting a 19-year-old rape victim for not doing enough […]

Here’s How To Hear, Delete & Stop Google From Secretly Recording Everything You Say

In the past, we have published many articles proving that the Internet search giant, Google is secretly spying on people who are using its services.

Particularly, in 2015, we revealed how Google had tracked Smartphone users everywhere they go, indicating it with a red dot on a map, marking and making the user’s location much clearer […]

Paul Walker’s Character, O’Connor Could Return In Future Fast & Furious’ Sequels

Paul Walker tragically lost his life in a car accident back in late 2013, and it’s hard to believe that he has already been gone almost three years.

Even though he has a lot of films to his credit, Walker may be best known for the part of Brian O’Conner in the Fast & […]

Figure Appears In Photo Of 9/11 Tribute In Light: Jesus, An Angel, Or Alien Being?

A photograph showing an apparition resembling a shining angelic figure floating heavenward over the World Trade Center (WTC) atop the beams of the 9/11 Tribute in Light has gone viral on social media.

The photograph was taken by Rich McCormack, an amateur photographer from Jersey City, during the anniversary of the September 11 terror […]