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China builds new aircraft carrier in show of strength to Washington – Veterans Today

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… by  Russia Today,  Moscow 

China is dreaming of large platforms, when they need lots of smaller ones

[ Editor’s Note: China’s move to build a second carrier could be providing the opportunity for an opponent to send a lot of China’s defense spending to the bottom of the ocean on day one of a conflict.

Carriers typically have to travel in battle groups to protect themselves — another huge investment, and one with huge ongoing operating costs.

Also, carrier operations are extremely complex. As one Navy spokesman once said, “Having a carrier, and being able to use it in combat conditions are two entirely different things.” Despite the vast naval construction experience of the US, its newest Littoral-class destroyer had to be towed back to port for major engine repairs.

Any major war is going to be dominated by who has the best missile technology and electronic warfare technology. China has a long coastline from which to launch missile strikes from hardened positions, plus movable ones like the Russians have developed.

As the Russians demonstrated in the Caspian Sea cruise missile attack against ISIL in Syria, they blew the Pentagon’s mind by showing they had the missiles on 2000-ton boats — the minimum for the US is 10,000-ton boats. Russia’s much cheaper boats make it easier to have more of them, achieving defense in depth. It gives an attacking naval force a lot more to worry about, which is one of the reasons the US carrier battle groups have a lot of ships. They are a huge target.

The public is generally unaware of the high stakes of electronic warfare

Russian tactics would use barrages of high speed cruise missiles to overwhelm a carrier group’s defenses. Again, electronic warfare could rule the day simply upon who has the best jammers, or anti-jamming technology.

The bullying comment by the Chinese spokesman is most appropriate. The US considers the whole planet a base, and anyone who is not cooperative in providing a base is deemed an instant threat.

This arm-twisting is what we constantly accused the old Soviet Union of during the Cold War, and now we have become them, in our own way.

Do Americans have any say in this policy? It appears we do not. There is not a Congressman alive that would not fight tooth and nail for the most wasteful and worthless defense project, as long as it was in his or her district. One could say that defense is an infinitely corrupting business, where even “nice people” become liars and crooks when it touches them.

What we need is a new law of the seas, where powerful military forces are not allowed to roam all over the planet, except under agreed-upon purposes where there is a clear threat. The free-for-all we have plays into the hands of those with the…