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Christmas 2015: Will Syria & Iraq Become Washington’s Stalingrad?

Submitted by Ron Holland via PravdaReport.com,

73 years ago on Christmas Eve 1942 German troops sang Silent Night on a European wide radio Christmas program from the distant battlefields of Nazi conquest outside Leningrad in the North and from surrounded Stalingrad on the southern Eastern Front to the Middle East. Also all across Nazi occupied Europe, from Italy and Norway to the Atlantic coastlines of Fortress Europe the soldiers sang to their families and listeners back home starting to question the promises of Nazi victory propaganda.

The Dangers of Empire Overreach in 1942 & 2016

Yes Germany excelled at propaganda, as does the establishment cable and print news media in the United States today. Although the radio show had the intended propaganda effect of temporarily raising civilian morale, Germany and their fair weather allies were already stretched way too thin around the expansive parameter of Nazi conquered and occupied territory.

Now on Christmas 2015 there is a Washington military effort also stretched too far among our many distant conquests, peacekeeping missions, occupations and attempts to secure oil resources and pipelines. Our foreign policy is designed to perpetuate the failing petrodollar system. Like the Germans 70 plus years ago, our allies and local populations generally hate us and our attempts to go after local resistance groups only results in the growth of more anti-American groups we describe as terrorists.

In America Today Political Correctness Is Just Fascism By Another Name

Unlike the German’s singing Christmas hymns in the 1940’s, in the Washington politically correct military today the songs would certainly be secular rather than religious in nature. American soldiers are not permitted to promote Christianity because in the modern US military soldiers are often court martialed even for failing to remove Bible verses from their computers.

But there are some scary parallels between the Nazi Empire of the 1940’s and the Washington Empire and conquests today that revolve around the Petrodollar system that has maintained the dollar reserve currency status since the end of World War Two. This dollar world reserve currency model required that oil was only priced and sold in dollars forced all foreign nations buying and importing oil to keep major dollar reserves to pay for their oil imports guaranteed a permanent and expanding demand for dollars around the world.

Three Middle East countries first broke the oil/dollar requirement and threatened the petrodollar system including Iraq, Libya and Iran hence the US military attempts to violently overthrow these governments to maintain Washington hegemony and the dollar.

Washington’s War Fever

America has plenty of population to increase military forces unlike Germany in 1942 but we are reaching the limit to voluntary military enlistments in a time of permanent war and repeated overseas assignments. Also the continuous terror threats since 9/11 as well as real and orchestrated plots are being questioned by a growing number…