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1) How can WE truly expect any type of sanity, when we live in a world where objects OUTSIDE of OURSELVES, especially coins of metal and fiat currencies, are held with more esteem and value than WE ARE????
Did bankers roll up their sleeves and go to work, or just con US into doing all the labor, keeping and controlling ALL of what they teach US to value?? Is there a nationality behind all the madness, and if so, isn’t it time we went there?   2) How can MORALITY prevail when it can be purchased???
   (1. Pertaining or relating to the conscience or moral sense or to the general principles of right conduct.
    What is MORAL? definition of MORAL (Black’s Law Dictionary)
By Morality, I mean the avoidance of deliberately causing harm, injury or loss, and being accountable for Our  Actions.
  3) Why is it that religions divide, while keeping converts busy obeying the rules of the state; profiting by keeping those same converts appeased with stories validating rewards AFTER DEATH, for LIVES OF OBEDIENCE, TITHING & SERVITUDE???
WHO benefits through the silence of Parent’s who’s Children have been LIED too, brainwashed, vaccinated and propagandized into wars of central banking? HOW many Parents will continue to ignore the unlawful behavior of their Children, who’ve been turned into murderous, unaccountable mobs for the state, justifying the lies instead of following the money trail in order to admit:
                             “WE’VE ALL BEEN LIED to and IT’S TIME TO STOP??”    WAR IS A RACKET!!!!

4) WHOM among US would NOT be RIGHTEOUSLY ANGERED AND INDIGNANT due to a drone strike from the not so united states  militant industrial complex, sent to the “wrong” home or “wedding party”, that killed OUR FAMILY???  WHERE is accountability from the perpetrators? What secret societies do they belong too??? Why follow psychopaths???
Are YOU comfortable sitting in your easy chair this Christmas, knowing that YOUR MONEY is being stolen in order to continue these atrocities????
  5) Why have WE been raised to forgo OUR OWN INNER GUIDANCE in order to subjugate OURSELVE’S to so called “experts” who have been trained to treat  us with pharmaceuticals for the diseases they create, while poisoning Our Water, Skies, Food & Minds?
   6)  Why haven’t those in power addressed the ongoing TRIPLE NUCLEAR MELTDOWN from FUKUSHIMA or the other environmental  damage the corporations they own are doing???

7) How much more rewarding would YOUR LIFE be, if YOU decided to step into Self Ownership and understood that no matter how many badges, buttons, or titles anyone puts in your face that claim priority over YOUR MIND and BODY, they are mistaken falsehoods for YOU OWN YOURSELF and NO ONE has MORAL AUTHORITY to violently force…