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Christmas Tree Party in Lugansk

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Original by Yevdokia “Dunya” Sheremetyeva published on the littlehirosima blog; translated from Russian by J.Hawk

There was no better holiday in my childhood.
I secretly awaited it. Of course, I searched my parents’ cupboards for presents, just in case.
There was information and rumors all over the kindergarten that there is no such thing as Snegurochka. I had my faith tested. Honestly, I don’t even remember when I decided that it’s a made-up tale.
Now I am a smart adult and I know the truth. He does exist. How could it be otherwise?
I went to the Donbass the first time last year, just before the New Year. There was active fighting then but we brought gifts for the children just the same. We distributed them in the bomb shelters, cellars. We gave out candy to kids in the street.
And now what makes me the most happy is that we helped the most needy of children–single mothers, mothers with multiple children who were left without a home.

I am inexpressibly sad that the report is written using Zhenya’s reports and photographs. I would have wanted to be there myself.
I just received over 100 photographs from the party organized by the City Center for Family Social Services, the presents for which we collected money.
Zhenya, thank you for the good reporting.

I want to thank everyone who answered the all. Thanks to you we could buy the best sets of gifts that were available in Lugansk.
Zhenka said that when he brought them to the Center, the workers there were in awe. Each individual gift set included about half a kilo of outstanding chocolate and waffle candy. Something the kids could not even dream about.
These days the holiday parties in Lugansk hand out small dolls and lollipops. At most. Because usually they have no presents at all…
We actually managed to collect more money than were able to transfer to Lugansk, since the process is not exactly a simple one. Moreover, we made the decision to raise funds for Christmas presents rather late–that was my mistake.
Therefore all leftover money will be spent on other presents.
We will try to procure presents for an orphanage.
Some of them I’ll deliver myself in January.
It will be already after the holidays, but I will still want to visit the Rovenki retirement home and deliver some sweets. Even after the holidays. Some of my kid friends gave me postcards and drawings to give to the elderly.

One way or the other, the gifts turned out to be awesome. Kids, parents, us, workers, were all happy things turned out the way they did ))
Our whole logistics chain worked outstandingly well )

The auditorium was completely filled with kids watching the show.

What can I add? It’s enough just…