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Defining The Tyranny On Capitol Hill

When The Federal Government Becomes The Enemy

With the appointment of Paul Ryan as Speaker of The House of Representatives many conservatives were concerned that he would basically follow the same path of capitulation as his predecessor, John Boehner. They were right! This week the Ryan Omnibus Bill was passed with not only support from the Democrats, but with little opposition from the GOP. The bill included funding for Planned Parenthood, Executive Amnesty, Syrian Refugee Placement, continuing Obamacare, and a number of other destructive laws that demonstrate a total disregard for the will of the people.


When Mitch McConnell and John Boehner ran for office during the last election they campaigned on defunding Obamacare and derailing many of the measures that have infuriated the conservative base of the GOP and independent voters as well. The lies during the election process, the legislation that further pushes the US dollar into devaluation as deficits increase, and the sheer denial of will of their constituents, but the kind of ambivalence to the voters that our founding fathers would have found reprehensible. We no longer have a representative from of government. We had at least 90 card carrying Communists in Congress in 2009. Communism is a  political ideology that is completely diametrically opposed to our form of government and should be outlawed, yet in the current era it is accepted.

Deadly evolution

With the Democratic Party having been usurped by socialism as well as an uncanny predilection toward an inherent lack of the promised transparency that was promised by President Obama when he was inaugurated  the party once under the leadership of such patriots as John Kennedy, Patrick Moynihan, and Joe Lieberman has been eclipsed by those hostile to the US Constitution. The Republican Party is now an illusion of opposition and conservative activism. Instead GOP leaders talk tough and cave in like an old silver mine when it comes down to the vote on issues that threaten the very fabric of American society. Concerns for economic stability or national security seem the last thing on the minds of these charlatans that we have elected to protect and defend the US Constitution as well as the people of our nation!

Just suppose

Is it that our officials are really that unaware of the plight of the American people as they sit in their ivory towers on Capitol Hill? Have our members of Congress simply adopted a mindset of complete disregard for the safety and future of the citizens of the United States? Are they simply lining their pockets with kickbacks from their corporate lobbyists as they cut deals that undermine this country? Or, are their darker implications even more disturbing? Could it be that the NSA has been used a political weapon to blackmail our Senators and Congressman into submission?

Ulterior motive

As President Obama returns triumphantly from the Paris Climate Talks with a…