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Every Gold Standard in History…

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Contrary to what Martin Armstrong would like you to believe, THIS is why gold was revalued higher from $20.67 per ounce to $35 in 1934:

Submitted by Bill Holter, JSMineset:

As we wind up the year, let’s first briefly look at where we are and then wrap up with a most very basic concept “it is hoped” you will never see …until it’s too late?  Before getting started I would like to apologize to readers as apparently the “political correctness” exchange between Harry Truman and Douglas MacArthur never took place.  It certainly does sound like their individual tones and I will add, if they did not have this exchange …they should have!  Hopefully you understood the theme in my last writing? This is a very unwise strategy and done only once prior, 1937 …and we know how that well that worked out!  The Fed has NEVER raised rates just before Christmas and as far as I know, never raised rates within less than one year before a presidential election.  It is important to point out the one word apparently missing or lost to Wall St/Washington and even main stream media vocabulary …”expansion”.  Do you remember this word?  I do but maybe because I am getting old and can remember when we actually had markets and an economy that were functional and allowed to “clear” on their own no matter what the level or results. It is unquestionable the U.S. economy is skidding.  Even looking at the official reports, something is very wrong.  Some will retort “but unemployment is at 5%” … really?  We have 95 million people now no longer in the work force (46 million on food stamps) and supposedly not looking for jobs (is this because they have saved so much and no longer NEED to work?).  If you look at U-6 unemployment which is what “used to” be reported, we stand at 10%.  How do you suppose THIS number could be spun as being “good”?  Where would the unemployment rate be if even half of these 95 million were included as being “unemployed” (the ugly truth)? This is not just a U.S. problem, it is global.  Just look at global trade.  This inconvenient truth cannot be hidden and is collapsing!  China has regularly fudged their numbers and even they cannot hide the reality of much slower growth or even contraction.  No matter where you look, economic activity is sluggish …and this on the shoulders of a world with more debt than any time in history.  “Debt” is a funny duck, it is some wonderful stuff on the way up but a death accelerant on the way down.  Debt is a weight around the neck of the weak and will not go away (unless of course the IMF wipes it out as unenforceable because it is not dollar denominated!). Speaking of the dollar, hopefully you can see the…