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Financial Turmoil of 2016

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By ALLEN EDWARDS, on January 4th, 2016

Today was the first day of stock market trading for the new year and it was a nightmare. What we saw today was absolutely insane and believe it or not but it was just the beginning of the financial turmoil of 2016.

Now that the holidays are over, we have no choice but to get back to reality. This is exactly what happens after you take a really nice vacation. Do you know what I am talking about? It starts out in the real world. You are burnt out and just need to get away. So you do. You decide to take some much needed time off and you head to some place that you have never been before. Perhaps someplace exotic. And what do you know. You let your guard down and you start to relax. All of your concerns in life just seem to melt away. But as your time runs out you start to think back to what you are going to return to and you wonder how you can take some of that magic home with you. You finally make it back home and soon find that all that pleasure you enjoyed was really more like a dream. One day after coming back from vacation you find yourself set back into the dull routine you life that you were so eager to leave behind.

That is exactly what has happened with everyone. We all took a nice trip to holiday land and it was so nice and amazing. Everything was great. But now that the holiday season has ended we have to get back to reality. And the truth is that what we are going back to is a nightmare.

Even before the holiday season, I kept reporting how bad things were. In 2015 we lost over 1 million jobs, the stock market took some pretty heavy hits and the list just goes on and on.

Well as bad as 2015 was, we should not be surprised with how bad this year has already started out. The financial turmoil that has occurred is making headlines all around the world. It all started out in Asia. The Asian markets got clobbered. Things got so bad that the Chinese markets had an emergency shutdown after the CSI tumbled 7%.

But it seems that financial turmoil started in China. The Chinese government created a ton of new rules regulating their markets after last years problems. Now I am completely against governments getting involved in the markets. I believe that the stock markets should be free to go up and down on their own. But all of the stock markets around the world. The fact is that the governments around the world have to rig the markets in order to keep their countries alive. If the stock…

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