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Gold & Silver Prices Will Surge On Fundamentals Not Technical Analysis

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Don’t be confused.  Gold and silver prices will skyrocket in the future based on the fundamentals, not technical analysis.  Not only will fundamentals be the important factor in the future, they have also been the leading indicators over the past 50 years.

I realize I will get a great deal of flak for stating this, but the facts presented below paint a pretty clear picture.  Now, while it’s true that the many of the gold and silver analysts (including this independent analyst) under estimated the level at which the Fed and Central Banks could prop up the Greatest Ponzi Scheme in history… it’s better to be early than late.

I wrote this article in response to one of the guests on Al Korelin’s radio show.  It was Avi Gilbert of ElliotWaveTrader.net.  Avi told Al Korelin that the bottom of gold and silver market were close.  He said the four-year correction was nearly over and the next precious metal bull market was close at hand.

That sounded real swell until you read his recent article, Stop The Insanity As Misinformation About Gold Continues To Reign.  Here is how Avi views most of the gold and silver (bug) analysts:

Why is it that most who are followed in the metals market and viewed by many as “experts” are so horribly wrong week after week, yet continue to present the same analysis week after week? Are the majority of the participants in this complex really that foolish to continually follow such clearly erroneous perspectives with the “hope” that it will eventually be right?

Avi’s comment here actually sounds logical to many precious metals investors who bought metal at higher prices hoping a recovery was soon at hand.  Unfortunately, as gold and silver prices continued to decline, investor frustrations increased.  While gold and silver analysts can be guilty of being wrong on the timing, they won’t be wrong on the FINANCIAL EVENT OF A LIFETIME.

I want to take certain parts of Avi’s article and show evidence why the fundamentals are the driving force in the value of gold and silver, not technical analysis.

FUNDAMENTAL #1 The Key Driver For The Precious Metals Prices

In his article, Avi made this remark about the precious metal bull market:

I want to start by saying that, yes, this 4+ year correction will conclude soon. So, this market will begin another bull market in the not too distant future. You see, markets, over the very long-term, will continue to rise, as society continues to progress throughout history.

Avi believes the precious metal bull market will begin shortly and will continue to rise as society continues to progress throughout history.  I don’t know if we will experience a long-term bull market, but rather a rapid rise in the value of gold and silver seems more likely.  Furthermore, the notion…