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Gold’s Timeless Truth

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One should not be concerned about the gold price measured by the current standing monetary regime. The value placed on Gold in terms of fiat paper currency solely backed by the good faith and credit of bankrupt Governments whose Central Banks are counterfeiting money is only viable should the presiding monetary authorities actually maintain their credibility and veritable authority over time. 

The inevitable collapse of the western world’s monetary system, will leave gold as the only trusted store of value still standing after the financial / economic breakdown ensues. The trust between the nations tied to the previous monetary order will have been decimated. Gold then becomes the essential only common denominator between nations that no longer trust each others’ previously accepted paper obligations, which had facilitated the exchange of goods and services between themselves, having been entirely discredited. 

The monetary and geopolitical mayhem that invariably ensues, always follows the collapse of the previous global means of trade, in this case the Dollar. This is the moment when Gold takes center stage.  As, when the dust finally settles, the only remaining trusted store of value / means of exchange still standing is gold.  It always has been for over 4,000 years of civilized monetary history.

Finally, a new monetary system which is eventually invariably reestablished between the decimated distrusting parties, forced to the negotiating table in order to resolve the ongoing global financial anarchy, can only be based on a universally trusted and acceptable common denominator between themselves, which is always gold, as it’s the only store of value still standing and still valued by all concerned parties at that critical juncture.

It’s really that simple………..the question is, will it always be a Happy New Year?


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