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“Ground Invasion Is the ONLY Effective Way”: What A War With North Korea Would Look Like

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This article was written by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com and first published at PersonalLiberty.com.

Editor’s Comment: As Brandon Smith rightly notes, war with North Korea is “a big red button that the elites can press any time they wish.” Although Kim Jong Un likes to project a false image of manhood by menacing the world with missiles and defiant rhetoric, the petty dictator poses no real threat and has not attacked the U.S. The truth is that North Korea is just another welfare queen who make ransom deals with the West for cold hard cash to keep their regime going, and in the inner circle wealthy, despite the impoverish condition of the population.

Nevertheless, a war with North Korea would still be quite ugly, dangerous and costly. Brandon makes the case that the terrain would prevent U.S. supremacy with mere air strikes; instead, it would mean ground forces. South Korea, our ally, could be attacked and would almost certainly be drawn into the war. Nukes could destroy major cities in the United States, South Korea or elsewhere – if they work. Nobody knows how far they would really take things, but it is clear that it would accomplish Zero in the MAGA department, and could be unnecessarily costly in human lives. The key to watch will be the behind-the-scenes relationship between China and the United States… and how many more times President Trump authorizes a missile strike, or has a ‘beautiful cake’ moment during desert with President Xi.

What A War With North Korea Would Probably Look Like

by Brandon Smith

Back in 2013 during the last major flare up between the U.S. and North Korea I wrote an extensive analysis on the North Korean wild card and how it could be used by globalists as a catalyst for international economic instability titled ‘Will Globalists Use North Korea To Trigger Catastrophe?’ As I have warned consistently over the years, like Syria, North Korea is a longstanding chaos box; a big red button that the elites can press any time they wish to instigate a chain of greater geopolitical tensions. The question has always been, will they actually use it?

Well, it appears that under the Trump administration the establishment might go for broke. I have not seen U.S. war rhetoric so intense since the second invasion of Iraq, and all over missile tests which have been standard fare for North Korea for many years. With whispers by Trump aides of a possible 50,000 boots on the ground in Syria, and open discussion of preemptive strikes in North Korea, this time kinetic conflict is highly likely.

Yes, we have see such military pressures before, but this time feels different. Why is an aimless quagmire war with massive potential global financial repercussions more likely under Trump? Because Trump ran under a nationalist conservative banner, and he

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