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Gun Violence in Virginia

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Gun Violence in Virginia
by Stephen Lendman
The message of Wednesday’s gun violence in Alexandria, VA goes way beyond the shooting and wounding of a congressman and others.
The greater issue is America’s longstanding culture of violence, a nation with the world’s highest level of gun ownership – including deadly, high-capacity, military-style semi-automatic weapons readily available to anyone able to afford them.
It’s no surprise that gun-related violence follows. It’s unknown what lay behind Wednesday’s multiple Alexandria shootings. Shot dead by police, James Hodgkinson can’t explain.
Did rage against the system, more specifically at Republicans and Trump, motivate his actions? Or was something else behind what happened? 
It’s unknown so far, perhaps never to be fully explained – other than calling the incident an act of violence by a lone gunman.
America glorifies wars and violence in the name of peace. It’s waged them throughout its history at home and abroad.
The nation has the highest homicide rate of all developed countries by far, its passion for gun ownership a significant part of the problem.
Violent films and video games are some of the most popular. US society is called a rape culture – one-fourth of adult women victimized one or more times in their lifetimes, often by someone they know, including family members.
An astonishing 75% of women are victims of some form of violence in their lifetimes. Domestic violence is their leading cause of injury, the second leading cause of death.
Child and elder abuse are rampant, help unavailable to most victims. Peace and public safety are illusions – crowded out by imperial wars and domestic violence in a nation defiant against human and civil rights, democratic values and rule of law principles.
Studies show the average child watches around 200,000 acts of violence on television before age-18, including thousands of murders.
Around 15 years after television was introduced in the late 1940s, homicide rates doubled, violent behavior multiplied, inner city school performance declined, illicit drug and tobacco use along with promiscuous sexual activity increased.
Studies show a consistent correlation between witnessed violence and aggressive behavior – in films, including cartoons, video games, and popular rap music glorifying guns, rape and murder.
Violence in America is out-of-control. Blacks and Latinos are targets of choice for militarized police, operating extrajudicially, making their own rules, getting away with murder, torture, and other forms of brutality.
Guns can be bought as easily as toothpaste. Ownership lowers the threshold between anger and homicide. Proliferation leaves everyone vulnerable.
The right to own, carry, conceal and use guns is a disturbing American tradition, claiming about 100,000 victims annually, killed or wounded – from homicides, suicides or accidents.
In 1982, a Senate Judiciary Committee report claimed “the second amendment to our

Source: sjlendman.blogspot.com