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Happy New Year: May the Spirit of the American Stand in Bastogne Be With You All

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That was “us” then: the can-do spirit that enabled average guys that cared for one another to do the things that define moments of greatness.

Submitted by Jeremiah Johnson, SHTFPlan:

The current world situation is grim, and the predilection of the results seems to sway heavily in favor of the ruling elites, those nabobs who are ruthlessly trying to dominate and enslave us.  In no other time in history has the fate of the known world been absolutely at the brink of precipices human.  Akin to Eloi and Morlocks in the film, “The Time Machine,” we are heading toward two separate destinies…the enslaved and the enslavers.  Never before has the technology existed to destroy the world andthe technology to create virtually unlimited surveillance, to the purpose of dominating the world.

The dominance is far more, however; far greater than can be measured in simple geography or one singular culture.  The paradigm seems to be leaning toward the dystopia outlined in Orwell’s “1984,” with the creation of three super-states and a contested piece of territory that also served to justify the complete social order and economy of the three states: property that was never truly controlled.

We are even beyond that, now, with the rise of the drones and the mapping technology to be able to see a dime in the Amazon jungle with the cameras and satellites that exist.  We have been censused with GPS’s, the newer cars have the “black box” to record data, the NSA built that monolithic data collection center to record e-mails and telephone calls, there are cameras on every intersection recording with facial recognition software and license plate identifiers.

The data from cameras in shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, public buildings, schools, convenience marts…all of these places ad infinitum are recording and “sharing” data with their “partners” in law enforcement and government.  Drones are recording, satellites are recording, and even our appliances, computers, and cell phones are recording and storing, monitoring, and listening.

By all indicators, we’re standing upon that precipice looking into the abyss of the next dark ages… with “dark” better describing the character and lack of humanity of the coming world systemic collapse.  The darkness referring to the character of men’s hearts, not a lack of technology.  Just as in “1984” our technology is not meant to serve men and make it easier on mankind: it is meant to keep us corralled and under control, with the advances in technology that do improve human life and conditions being reserved for the elites.  A film that characterized this type of society was “Elysium,” where the planet Earth was basically a fourth-world garbage heap, and the oligarchs and controllers lived in an aseptic, controlled, orbiting “world,” free of the ravages of the savages: the ultimate “gated” community.

So, with all of this doom and gloom, you may ask, what…