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Holiday Season Fear-Mongering

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Holiday Season Fear-Mongering
by Stephen Lendman
European media are irresponsibly warning of possible terrorist attacks in London and/or elsewhere on the continent between Christmas and New Year’s day – claiming they may involve explosives or guns.
The only terrorist threat Europeans or Americans need fear over the holiday period or any other time of year is state-sponsored – false flags blamed on phantom terrorist elements to enlist public support for policies they’d otherwise oppose, notably wars and crackdowns on civil liberties.
Reports like ones circulating now are spurious, state-sponsored fear-mongering. European capitals are on high alert – residents manipulated to believe a credible terrorist threat exists, unaware they’re being duped.
Irresponsible reports suggest gun or bomb attacks may be carried out in crowded European city areas between now and New Year’s day.
London’s Telegraph said “(c)ounter-terrorism chiefs are in talks with Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to have the units on standby around the clock as well as officers ring-fenced from other duties to be able to react with 15 minutes of an attack happening.”
Armed police presence on London streets doubled after November’s Paris false flag, state-sponsored terrorism. So-called intelligence now warning of one or more impending attacks is pure hokum.
Vienna police said “(i)n the days before Christmas, a warning was sent out by a (so-called) friendly (intelligence) service to numerous European capitals, (claiming one or more impending) attack(s) involving explosives or shootings between Christmas and the New Year in crowded places.”
“Several possible names of potential attackers were mentioned, which were checked, and the investigation based on (these checks) has so far yielded no concrete results.”
A German Interior Ministry spokesman said the nation “is still in the crosshairs of jihadist terrorism” – a Big Lie proliferated for fear-mongering purposes, most people mindlessly believing it.
Following the Paris false flag, a London Home Office spokesman said “we took the decision to provide (34 million pounds) to enable a national uplift in armed policing capability and capacity to respond more quickly and effectively to a firearms attack.”
“It is for chief officers to determine the number of authorised firearms for officers in their areas, based on a thorough assessment of threat and risk.”
One among many other spurious state-sponsored reports claims up to 300 suspected terrorists, criminals and dangerous immigrants try entering Britain daily – despite no credible evidence proving it.
So-called known or suspected terrorists are largely or entirely invented – to scare people to believe in nonexistent threats. Rogue regimes operate this way.
Vienna police spokesman Christoph Polzl admitted investigations to learn names of potential attackers determined nothing.
“We do not know if these people exist in real life, or if they are only names with no real person behind them,” he said.