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Homeless Survival Lessons – Good tips for all

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Can you imagine what life would be like if suddenly you lost your house, your bank accounts and almost everything that matters to you? What then? How will you survive being homeless? One thing is certain, it isn’t going to be easy and these homeless survival lessons learned from the less fortunate might come in handy one day.

There are those who struggle everyday…we see them but yet, we decide to ignore them as somehow, they are part of the background. The homeless are the real survivors of the concrete jungle and they have developed proven ways to survive against all odds.

It might surprise you, but there are homeless people interacting with you every day and you don’t even know they don’t have a place of their own. They look just like you and me, and they manage to survive in a world that doesn’t offer them much.

While working for a homeless aid organization, I’ve managed to get a glimpse of their world and learn more about their struggles. Some of their stories are real homeless survival lessons and we can all learn something from their ordeal.

Homeless survival lessons – Shelter in a time of need

For the homeless, shelter is probably the most important, basic needs of them all and they have developed ways to make this a priority. No matter the situation you’re in, a safe and warm place to rest is a given. Dan, 54, after living on the streets for several years is now working for a community shelter and was able to share some of his homeless survival lessons when it comes to securing a shelter.

You have to look for the following three major aspects when choosing a shelter: protection from the elements, warmth and concealment. There aren’t many options available and the following ones are the most exploited ones:


If you have a car, you are one of the lucky ones and it will become your ideal cover. Having access to a Wal-Mart parking, a major hotel chain or any other 24 hour parking will keep you safe and you’re less likely to have someone paying you a visit. Your car can provide you with heat and power for devices such as cell phones. The best part is that you can move your shelter and get away from any unpleasant situation.

Homeless shelters

These are beneficial for those struggling in urban areas and they are treasured by the homeless communities. However, staying in one can be a challenge and it’s one of those homeless survival lessons that you will learn the hard way. First, you have to sign up early to get a spot, and most of the time it requires you to be confined to the area. Second, you have to accept the idea that you will be sleeping in a large warehouse…