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How to Get a Cheap Survival Shelter and Bug Out Location (Under $5000)

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I think just about everyone who’s been in the prepping movement for any time wishes they had a bug out survival shelter, off hidden in the woods somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re dreaming about a cabin in the woods or a bunker, the idea is the same. You want someplace safe you can take your family, in the event of a major disaster, where you can be fairly certain that you won’t be found.

The big problem for most of us is that we can’t afford $100,000, $50,000, or even $30,000 to pay for that survival shelter or cabin. So, we keep on wishing, while realizing that there’s really nothing that we can do.

What would you say, if I told you that you could have a cheap survival shelter outside of town for as little as $5,000? It may not be an underground bunker and it might not have the charm of a well-made log cabin in the woods, but it will be someplace that you and your family can go to, when the time comes to bug out. Not only that, but it will probably be pretty hard for anyone to find you.

I’m not talking about building a cabin out of all scavenged materials either. While that can be done, and has been done rather successfully by a number of people, the time investment is more than what most of us can afford. The time to build it is bad enough; the real problem is the time to scavenge the materials. That actually takes longer.

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Start with the Land

The starting point has always got to be some land. If you don’t have any place to put your survival shelter, then you’re not going to have one. So, we’ve got to come up with some land somewhere, which can be used for building the survival shelter. Not only that, but we need it to be affordable.

Before actually looking for any land, take a moment to think about who you know that owns some land outside of town. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who has a few acres outside of town someplace. If you do, then you might have an ideal place to set up your survival shelter, if they are willing to allow you to do so on their property.

The second possibility to consider is buying land in conjunction with your survival group or team, assuming that you are part of one. Splitting the cost of a few acres of land with your team could be the way to keep the price down. There is a lot of land around, which can be picked up for $5,000 to $10,000 dollars per acre. Split between five families, that’s some pretty cheap land.

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