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How To Live Without Electricity – Part II

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We are a generation that was born on innovation and in a short period of time we became addicted to all the electronic devices that are part of our daily lives. The Internet, the cell phones and our personal computer are all devices that control us and we can’t function properly without them. All these devices rely on a common denominator – electricity. When the flow of electricity suddenly stops, our normal existence will stop as well and we will have to adapt to a new world, a world without electricity.

In the previous article titled “How to Live without electricity – part I”, we’ve looked at the main threats that can plunge our world into darkness, but we also listed the primary needs that we need to fulfill once there is no more electricity.

Although the following areas are important to survival they are not as critical as the first primary needs. Some may argue that these needs are equally important, but survival and especially long-term survival is different from case to case. If you are a doctor, self-healing shouldn’t be a problem for you, but securing your home and fending off looters might be. If you are the handyman type you will probably be able to become self-sufficient, but you also know that you will require help at some point. Long term survival is different from one person to another, but regardless of whom you are, having the right knowledge and the ability to make the environment work in your favor will significantly increase your chances of survival in world without electricity.

The following needs: sanitation, medicine, security, entertainment, social interaction and self-development should be addressed and it’s better to have a clear idea of what you should expect in a world without electricity. All these needs will affect your life at some point and they are important for long-term survival.

Sanitation in a world without electricity

When the flow of electricity stops, the world will not only get darker, but it will get filthier as well. Waste management will become one of your main problems and especially human waste. Your living environment plays an important role on how you should handle this. If you have the space you can dig a latrine, but make sure you do it in a location away from your home. Dig a shallow trench about 4 feet long, 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide. Set aside a pile of loose topsoil to cover the waste. If this is not an option for you, try to improvise a toilet bucket if you have enough heavy duty plastic bags to spare. You will have to discard the bags and you will have to do this at night if you want to keep a low profile. Try to bury them if you can and if not, deposit them in…