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ISIS is ready to strike Germany thanks to Merkel’s open door policy and cooperation with Turkey’s Erdogan

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Merkel’s excellent plan to flood Germany (and most of the EU) with Turkish and Saudi trained “refugees” and “migrants”

Via Zerohedge…

According to WSJ, “German authorities were alerted by a Syrian national who had seen an article on a website connecting Mr. Abdalhmeed with Islamic State.” Apparently, Abdalhmeed is actually Leith Abdul Hamid, a “midranking” Islamic State official from Deir Ezzour (where Paris “mastermind” Abdelhamid Abaaoud was Emir of war) who “ran a money-transfer operation for the terror group and was responsible for smuggling medicine and ammunition from Turkey” (where else?).

“We mustn’t regard refugees with a general suspicion. But it’s also true that concerns aren’t unfounded that some potential threats might be among refugees,” Wolfgang Bosbach, a lawmaker with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party said this week.

As we and countless others have documented, the Paris attacks served to undermine the goodwill Europeans had shown towards the millions of asylum seekers flooding into the EU from the war-torn Mid-East. A subsequent bomb scare in Hannover that triggered the evacuation of two soccer stadiums didn’t help matters and now, German lawmakers and voters alike are pressuring Merkel to reconsider Berlin’s open-door refugee policy.

In her keynote speech at the CDU party congress in Karlsruhe earlier this week, the iron chancellor committed to “appreciably reducing the number of refugees,” entering the country.

Now that Berlin has promised to send 1,200 troops, a warship, and six Tornado surveillance planes to the fight in Syria, you can expect Germany to become a prime target for future ISIS attacks.

Indeed, a new piece from Spiegel documents the story of “Harry S.”, a jihadist from Bremen who, after returning to Germany following a three month stint in Islamic State-held territory in Syria, says the group is intent on carrying out further attacks in Western Europe and is constantly asking foreign-born fighters if they are willing to return to their home country to wage jihad.

Harry, who made an appearance in an ISIS video depicting an execution near the ancient city of Palmyra, is now “reformed” and sharing information with German public prosecutors.

More from the Spiegel story…

On several occasions, IS members tried to recruit volunteers for terrorist attacks in Germany. In the spring, just after he first arrived in Syria, he says that he and another Islamist from Bremen were asked if they could imagine perpetrating attacks in Germany. Later, when he was staying not far from Raqqa, the self-proclaimed Islamic State capital city, masked men drove up in a jeep. They too asked him if he was interested in bringing the jihad to his homeland. Harry S. says he told them that he wasn’t prepared to do so.

Harry S. was only in IS controlled territory for three months. Yet he might nevertheless become a vital witness for German security officials. Since the Nov. 13…