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Jeb Challenges Trump To A One-On-One Debate…Trump’s Response Is EPIC

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Jeb Bush — the once-upon-a-time time favorite of the Republican establishment for the 2016 presidential nomination — is running out of gas. In what many analysts believe to be a lame attempt to gain attention, the former Florida governor recently challenged GOP pace-setter Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate…mano a mano as the Spanish-speaking Bush might say.

When asked what he would like to say to Trump should he walk in the room, Bush stated during a recent campaign appearance:

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“I’ll take you on one-on-one in a debate. Anytime, anyplace, I’ll do it.”

Trump, always at the ready to jab right back at anyone who takes a swing at him, really went for the jugular in his response — in a post on Twitter where he included a picture of Bush appearing to pick his nose rather indiscreetly.

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Not stopping there, the billionaire businessman tweeted that while Jeb cancelled a campaign rally in Iowa “due to inclement weather,” Trump went ahead with his scheduled event in the snowy Hawkeye state.

Another social media hit came in the wee hours of Thursday morning, when Trump guffawed at the $63 million Bush has spent on his campaign to date — and remains near the bottom of the polls — while the real estate mogul has thus far spent almost nothing and is the front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Perhaps it’s time Jeb packs his bags and calls it a day. If this were a boxing match, it would be a TKO.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit