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Man Forces Woman To Call Her Boyfriend As He Rapes Her…Woman Has Other Ideas

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After abducting a woman, a Georgia man had horrible plans for his kidnap victim. But his notion to fulfill his sick fantasies backfired big time and led to an outcome he never expected.

Police say that Robert Giles, 27, abducted a woman from Hapeville, Georgia, a town adjacent to Atlanta, then drove her to the closed-down Starship Novelties and Gifts store in nearby Jonesboro.

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After parking his car behind the building, authorities charge that Giles told his victim he intended to rape her. The would-be sex criminal also apparently had a sick fantasy he wanted to live out as he committed his crime.

He forced the woman to call her boyfriend so that he could listen as the woman was assaulted. But the quick-thinking victim had a trick up her sleeve that would soon ruin the plans of the not-so-bright attacker.

Instead of dialing her boyfriend, the woman called 9-1-1, allowing the police dispatcher to listen in to what she was facing. It was a move that may have prevented a murder.

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Police credit a savvy 9-1-1 operator for playing along and fooling the attacker into thinking his nefarious plan was going off without a hitch. “It was quick thinking on his behalf. In fact, (it) might have saved her life,” Clayton County Police Maj. Joe Woodall told WSB TV.

Major Woodall told the media how the call went. “She explained to him what the perpetrator had told her; that he was wanting him to listen while she was being raped,” he said.

Even as Giles was allegedly making ready to rape his victim, police were on their way to his location. “They were able to stop it right then and there and snatched him right from the car,” the officer explained.

Major Woodall also said that the audio of the call would not be released because it was too “horrific” for public consumption.

Robert Giles now faces charges of rape, obstruction and false imprisonment; and police said they plan to add kidnapping to the list.