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Mary Magdalene or Dr. Magdalene?

Temple of Sakkara

The Mary’s brought the teachings of the sacred oils to Southern France
by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.

he name “Mary,” simply means “Healer.” According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, if you had this title, you were a healer. The Bible mentions Mary Magdalene. What is not clear is that she was a woman of wealth and a close companion of Jesus. In Provence, France, is a cave. History has it that Mary Magdalene, and other women with the title of “Mary” taught here for over 30 years. When I visited this cave and looked at a statue of Mary Magdalene, I felt that I made a connection with her. Here the teachings are still ingrained within the walls of the cave. The importance of this healing technique is to spin the blood through the heart chakra so that one can achieve the balanced energy point of emerald green. Some people call this zero point energy. Within this field, one can transcend space, time, energy and matter. To spin the blood, one has to create a diamond over the heart. The top part of the diamond pointing up spins clockwise, and the bottom part, pointing down, spins counter-clockwise. You merge the two triangles until you create an energy field that emits emerald green.

The cave is located at Mont Sainte Baume. The name indicates that the Mary’s made poultices and used essential oils in their healing practices. I feel that the amygdala gland is named after Mary Magdalene. However, history tells us that the gland is shaped like an almond, and the Greek word for almond is “amygdala.”

There is a new best-selling book out called, The Da Vinci Code, that talks about the essence of the feminine principle and the secret of the Holy Grail. The book depicts Mary Magdalene as the Holy Grail. I believe that the Mary’s represent the Holy Grail through the feminine principle. The author of this book, Dan Brown, set out to discover the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ as recorded in the paintings of Da Vinci. After looking at all the facts and the History of the Merovingian Kings of France, Dan Brown came to the conclusion that there is evidence that Mary Magdalene created a bloodline that became known as the Holy Grail. Mary Magdalene was from the tribe of Benjamin, the 12th tribe of Israel. The women of the 12th tribe of Israel were the spiritual healers. They established a school that honored the teachings of the Magi. These students were know as the Sisters of the Emerald Fire.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, the Nazarenes were put into boats and set afloat without oars, food, or water. Pontius Pilot was their protector. There is evidence that Pontius Pilot was a cousin of Jesus. After the crucifixion of Jesus, he became commander…