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Meet Madame Guillotine! – Veterans Today

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by Speer-Williams – Jsw4@mac.com

With the thunderous fall of the guillotine blade, a head is violently hurled off a set of shoulders. Blood gushes in an instantaneous torrent, and one less human being inhabits our material world.

Madame Guillotine claimed the lives of thousands of innocent citizens who were guilty of nothing more than being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Was this the work of radical Muslims beheading innocent Christians?

No. It was Christians beheading Christians. It was Frenchmen beheading Frenchmen. It was France from 1789 to 1799 – The French Revolution!

The French Revolution, like the Russian and Spanish Revolutions to follow, were all slyly and secretly brought about by the principals and agents of the Rothschild clan, their banking cartel, and the furtive Illuminati network. They all were and are of the Synagogue of Satan, those who do not merely pollute whatever they touch, they poison it unto death.

And, this cohesive tribe of psychopaths have controlled the whole narrative of the hidden causes and events of those terrible revolutions ever since. Let us listen in on some of that long-lasting and effective propaganda concerning the French Revolution.

If you were a peasant, you broke your back slaving so your noble landlord could wear splendid clothes and dance at glittering palace balls. Yet when you were through paying your taxes, you did not have enough to feed your family.

If you were a city worker, you were probably out of a job. If you were a carpenter, a weaver, a wagoner, your costs were too high for profit. If you were a baker, you had no flour for bread. If you were hungry, you had no bread.

Then came the revolution.

The words above were true enough, but it was a case of the truth being used for an ignoble reason.

For the people of France, bread was the essence of life itself. Each citizen of the common masses of France ate an average of two pounds of bread a day. But without bread, hunger set in over France. And soon, that hunger turned to rage.

Who was there to tell the people of France your hunger, and resulting rage, comes not from your king, Louis XVI, nor from your nobles or churchmen, but from the covert agents of the Rothschilds, who are demonic adherents of the Illuminati and the Masonic Grand Orient Lodge.

It was these fiends who bought up all the grain available and then sold most of it abroad (or secretly withheld grain from the French people and their government).

On the verge of bankruptcy, the French government was in no position to in any way ameliorate the hunger and rage of its citizens. Again, the Rothschild tribe was responsible, with its high-usury-based financing of France’s Seven Years War and the French contributions to America in her…