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NYT Supports Kiev Fascists

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NYT Supports Kiev Fascists
by Stephen Lendman
Times management and editors support US-installed fascists running Ukraine, hugely corrupt and lawless gangsters, still waging war on their own people, against fundamental human and civil rights – a classic rogue state with no legitimacy whatever.
Not an obstacle for the self-styled “newspaper of record,” supporting what demands unequivocal condemnation. 
It routinely gives op-ed space to anti-Russian elements – now featuring three US neocons, urging investment in Ukraine’s future, ignoring its rogue state status, contempt for fundamental freedoms, lawlessness and overwhelming internal public opposition, perhaps heading toward open rebellion.
John Herbst is a hawkish, right-wing Atlantic Council director, a former Bush administration US ambassador to Ukraine, heavily involved in Washington’s orchestrated 2004 Orange Revolution, replacing Viktor  Yanukovych the first time with US-installed favorite Viktor Yushchenko.
Brookings is a notorious corporate financed pro-war think tank. Steven Pifer is a senior foreign policy director, a Victoria Nuland clone during the Bush administration, in charge of State Department European and Eurasian Affairs, a former Clinton administration ambassador to Ukraine.
William Taylor is executive vice president for the misnamed, pro-war US Institute for Peace, a former Bush ambassador to Ukraine.
Times editors gave them feature op-ed space. Legitimate ones wouldn’t touch their rubbish. Invest in Ukraine’s future, they blustered – at the same time, repeating the tired old Big Lie about Russia invading Ukraine and illegally annexing Crimea.
They “commended (Obama) for sustaining a successful sanctions regime” – illegally imposed without required Security Council authorization, they failed to explain.
“Washington must do more to punish Russia,” they thundered. “It must bolster Ukrainians as they struggle to build a new, reform-minded government while continuing to fight to maintain their country’s territorial integrity.”
Fact: Illegitimacy demands rejection, not support, isolation, not incorporation into the world community of nations.
Fact: US-installed Kiev fascists have no legitimate claim to any Ukrainian territory, stolen from the public, exploited for private gain.
The contributors are right saying “Ukraine is teetering on the brink” – without explaining it’s from out-of-control corruption, lawless aggression against its own people and gross mismanagement for the exclusive benefit of wealthy elites at the expense of the vast majority of Ukrainians, suffering hugely under the yoke of tyranny and force-fed neoliberal harshness.
The IMF changed its rules for Ukraine, a deadbeat debtor. Nations in financial arrears to others don’t qualify for agency loans – Kiev getting aid anyway even though it’s unwilling to honor its debt obligations.
The op-ed contributors lied, claiming “(a)ppropriately funding efforts to improve Ukraine’s stability is a down payment on Europe’s collective security.”
Just the opposite is true, refusing to recognized its illegitimacy and supporting the democratically elected government it replaced.
Ukraine represents fascist tyranny in Europe’s heartland, threatening the entire continent…