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Podcast #1: Sam Mahon

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Sam Mahon is a respected New Zealand author, sculptor and freshwater activist. In this podcast we discuss Sam’s talents in both writing and sculpting, and why he dedicates most of time towards political activism such as his current sculpture of environment minister Nick Smith taking a metaphoric crap in our glass of drinking water. We hope you enjoy this conversation, and we’d love to hear your feedback!

If you would like to make any donations towards his current project estimated to be finished in August, the bank account details are as follows:
Sam Mahon
TSB: 15-3976-0077441-00

Please also comment below with what you think should be done for the Nick Smith sculpture, small testicles? Udders? Ken doll? Something else?

Big shout out to Genocide for letting us use their track ‘Wake Up – feat Debt Collectors’, you can find these guys on Facebook or download via iTunes:

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Source: wakeupnz.net