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Pros and Cons: Body Power Systems For Survivors

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When people think of long term, catastrophic power outages, EMP based crisis situations tend to be the ones that come to mind first. While an EMP can truly be devastating, earthquakes and many other events can also wipe out the grid for miles around your location.

As such, even if you have a homestead, being at the epicenter or ground zero of a crisis situation may mean that your off grid power system will fail or be rendered useless because of extensive damage.

Although the following systems may not generate huge amounts of electricity, they may offer just enough to power medical devices, radios, smart phones, computers, or any other small devices that can help you get through the initial crisis period.

No system is perfect, nor will it work in every situation that you find yourself in.

This article does not cover bicycles or other larger devices that may be used to generate power, but is dedicated solely to small devices that can fit into a backpack, or can be carried around with relative ease.

Solar Generating Backpacks

Basically, a solar generating backpack is just like a regular backpack in the sense that you can pack books, food, or just about anything else in it.

The solar generating backpacks also have a rechargeable battery (usually in the bottom), and a solar panel on the outside of the pack.

Depending on the model that you choose, some may only be able to power cell phones and other relatively low power devices while others can power tablets and medical devices that have a similar power usage range.

A solar generating backpack works just like a regular solar panel in the sense that the panels need to be exposed to sunlight in order to generate power. Typically, you can go as low as 50% sunlight and still get a fully charged battery in just a few hours. As with conventional solar power generation panels, they still work best when they are in full sunlight.


One of the main advantages to solar generating backpacks is that you can generate power with them when you are walking or hiking. This is ideal if you have to travel on foot, bike, or some other mode of transport over large and small distances. Even if you decide to travel through a forest or other area with some degree of shading, you can still generate at least some power.

Second, one of the biggest problems with large scale and home based solar power generation systems is that the sun moves a significant degree every 15 minutes. As such, there are very few systems that can keep up with this motion and have the entire panel absorbing as much heat and light from the sun as possible.

By contrast, a solar generating backpack can be easily repositioned. No matter whether you set…