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Russia Adopts Updated National Security Strategy

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Original published by TASS; translated from Russian by J.Hawk

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree adopting the new Russian Federation National Security Strategy. The corresponding document was placed on the official legal information portal. The new edition of the Strategy, prepared by the RF Security Council includes means of fighting against radicalism and terrorism.

Consolidating Position

Russian Federation’s national priority is consolidating its position as one of the leading world powers.  The long-term national interests are: “…consolidating Russian Federation’s status as one of the leading world powers, whose actions are aimed at ensuring strategic stability and mutually beneficial partnerships in the context of a multi-polar world,” the document states. When it comes to national priorities, it emphasizes strengthening the country’s defenses, protecting its constitutional system, sovereignty and territorial integrity, strengthening the national consensus, raising the quality of life, preserving and developing culture, improving economic competitiveness, and other principles of national security. Strategic tasks listed in the document include ensuring food security through “ensuring Russia’s food independence.” In addition, it calls for accelerated development of Russia’s agriculture, increasing the effectiveness of government support for agribusiness, preventing uncontrolled traffic of GMO foods, and also training highly prepared specialists for the agricultural sector.

The Use of Military Force

The documents allows for military force to be used only if non-violent approaches prove ineffective. “Strategic deterrence and military conflict prevention is accomplished through the preservation of the strategic deterrent potential at a sufficient level, and through ensuring the specified level of combat readiness in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other forces and military formations,” the Strategy notes.

Crisis Risk

In view of the global economic imbalance, there is a high risk of financial/economic crisis re-occurrence. “Against the background of structural imbalances in the global economy and the financial system, the growth of sovereign debt, and energy market volatility, the risk of a repeated major financial and economic crisis remains high,” the document states. “The growing influence of political factors on economic processes, as well as individual countries’ attempts to use economic methods, financial, trade, investment, and technology policies to achieve their geopolitical objectives weakens the resilience of the international economic system,” the Strategy emphasizes. The document calls for strengthening the financial system, ensuring a stable ruble exchange rate, and reducing interest rates.

The Strategy also implies the state will conduct socio-economic policy. “In order to counteract the threats to economic security, government agencies and local self-government entities in collaboration with civil society institutions will implement the state socio-economic policy which includes: …strengthening the financial system, ensuring its sovereignty, stabilizing ruble exchange rate, optimizing foreign currency regulation and monitoring, reducing interest rates…” the document states.

Achieving Food Independence

One of the RF national priorities is achieving food independence. The document states that food security will be achieved through “achieving Russian Federation’s food independence.” Moreover, the documents…