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Selacia’s 2016 Predictions: Year of Truth and Justice

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Love Has Won

By Selacia, 12/12/2015

It has taken a very long time for humanity as a collective to begin facing and openly debating closeted issues of truth and justice. Coming out of the shadows increasingly during 2015, awareness of these themes began reaching a critical mass. Yes, over the centuries we’ve had an endless number of revolutions, atrocities, and wars rooted in these themes. The difference in 2016 is our sheer numbers and a growing acknowledgement of what’s at stake if these issues are not addressed.

Major Opportunities to Shift How We Live Together

Oftentimes the way a year ends sets the stage for the next year. Themes and unresolved issues that reached a boiling point in one year tend to remain front-and-center. This is certainly the case for 2016, a year when we as a collective will have major opportunities to shift how we live together on the Earth.

When we study nature – observing mass species extinction and other human-induced problems like climate change – we have a litmus test of just how precarious life here has become. Climate change, in fact, is among the issues tied to truth and justice.

The whole notion of climate change has been made into a political vehicle, putting a shadow over the truth of what’s going on and delaying constructive action. At the same time, rising sea levels and barren farm fields will potentially become an injustice to millions of poor people around the world. While rich countries may have resources to help cope – at least for a while – the poor have no such options.

Cosmic Energies Illuminate Untruths, Injustices

In 2016 cosmic energies will put a growing spotlight on untruths and injustices throughout society. We’ve had a taste of this already, due to the long dance of Uranus-Pluto that has catalyzed a mega reworking of our world.

The needed changes are core-level, impacting how we relate to one another on basic levels. They involve long-established patterns of power mongering, inequality, oppression, and a veiling of information by those in power as a means of control.

Needed societal changes don’t come easily, so there is still a lot to unfold. It’s important that each of us remains strong and in our empowerment. Inner strength and heart-centeredness will be necessary to weather the ups-and-downs. We will need to be present and mindful of what we are creating with our thoughts and actions.

Role of Divine Changemakers

As divine changemakers, we know that we are quantum, creating our future a moment at a time. We stand at the forefront of the massive changes happening now. This is a role encoded within our very DNA. Each of our paths leading up to now, including earlier this life and past lives, has led to this role.

If you felt like you moved through a fiery transformational…