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Selected Articles: 2016 Could Be A Violent Year. “US Military to Expand Global Operations”

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Syria Rebel “Opposition” Commander’s Assassination, a Major Blow to US-NATO-Saudi Agenda

By Eric Draitser, December 30 2015

News of the death of prominent anti-Assad commander (or ‘terrorist,’ ‘rebel,’ ‘opposition commander,’ etc.) Zahran Alloush has the potential to radically alter the nature of the war in Syria.

War and the Economic Crisis: America Is Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, December 30 2015

The failure of leadership in the United States is not limited to the political arena but is across the board.

Multirole Naval Platforms of the 21st Century. Naval Arms Race and Regional Conflicts

By Brian Kalman and Igor Pejic, December 30 2015

An apparent trend in many navies of the world today is the fielding of multi-purpose vessels along the lines of the traditional LHD platform, but with added capabilities. It appears that in an age of increasingly asymmetrical warfare or limited conflict, both highly modernized and developing navies are acquiring these vessels.

US Military to Expand Global Operations in 2016

By Thomas Gaist, December 30 2015

The year 2015 will be remembered as a year of expanding global warfare and militarism. (…) The imperialist powers are determined to make 2016 an even bloodier and more dangerous year. Germany and Japan are openly remilitarizing, as their governments seek to whitewash and rationalize the crimes of the World War II era. All of the imperialist powers have seized on the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino to place their populations and economies on a war footing.