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Slope’s Best Posts of 2015

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Slope of Hope celebrated its 10th anniversary last March, and during the course of 2015, thousands of interesting charts and articles were published. Here’s a sampling of the best of them:

The Charlie X Solution – my response to the Charlie Hebdo killings. I think this is some of the finest writing I’ve ever done. Sadly, the world has not taken me up on my brilliant plan. Perfect Palo Alto – in which I examine the hiring of guards at the train tracks to try to reduce the number of Palo Alto high school students throwing themselves in front of locomotives. Learning to Learn – some lessons I took away as I tried my hand at binary trading. Relativity – a very interesting success story about how my method of trading was able to prosper in the face of what seemed like very dire circumstances. The Time Warp Again – if I may say so, an really good post about how much the Silicon Valley has changed since when I was in my teens. Ten Years of Hope – celebrating Slope of Hope’s 10th anniversary Negative Interest – in which I despair about my almost total lack of interest in the market at the time. Not surprisingly, this was almost exactly the peak of the entire world of equities. Do You Want to Know a Secret? – wherein I tear apart another idiotic startup. Transports Less than 2% Away From Failure – here I call for the Dow Transports to begin dropping hard. I, umm, was correct. Silicon Shark Jumps the Shark – a snarky overview of the so-called Startup Castle. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link, and it goes straight to a 404 page. Figures.

I hope you enjoy some of these! Happy 2016, ZH-ers. Let’s some some reality starts breaking the walls down.


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