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The food storage mistakes one should avoid

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A lot of people are storing food and there are many reasons to do so. If you are going to store food, you need to make sure that the food you store is adequate for the need your family expects. Most people make serious errors when storing food. These food storage mistakes will take a toll on their supplies and many will end up being hungry and dissatisfied.

Having a well-equipped pantry is becoming a common habit for the average American and the reality of today’s world is somehow forcing us to think about the future. A well-equipped pantry will keep you fed during a disaster, it will help you deal easily with unemployment and most importantly, it provides peace of mind.

Regardless the reason why you are storing food, there are some common food storage mistakes that you should avoid.

Food storage mistakes – Variety

This is the most common mistake and most people don’t have enough variety in their storage. They think that storing some basic items such as: beans, wheat, honey, sugar and salt, is enough to keep them alive. The reality is that most of us can’t survive on a poor diet for more than a few months. Here are just a few reasons why not having enough variety in your pantry will decrees the quality of your life:

Many people will develop food allergies from eating the same food meal after meal. For example, a lot of people are allergic to wheat, but the allergy is not triggered because they don’t consume the same food over and over again in their daily lives. Not having enough variety will make it harsh for young children to accommodate to a diet that is somehow restrictive. A moody kid is enough to handle as it is, imagine having to deal with one during a disaster or emergency situation when stress levels are high. Eating the same food over and over again develops food fatigue (appetite fatigue) and we will get tired of what we have in the pantry. We will lose our appetite and our moral will decrease, we will prefer not to eat at all rather than tasting the same food one more time. Young children and older people need to have comfort foods. They will not be able to handle appetite fatigue and they will get ill in time.

Food variety is essential when it comes to storing food and it’s better to know the preferences of your family members. It is important that you store flavorings such as tomatoes, bouillon and onions. Make sure you also include a good supply of the spices you like to cook with. Having various spices at hand will allow you to improvise and you can do many creative things with what your pantry holds. Don’t limit your cooking skills by forgetting to store spices.…