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The Real Islamic Threat to America and Europe – Updated – Veterans Today

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor,  with Southfront Video

With the Arab Spring and the New Cold War, the current neocon fantasies that have taken residence in Washington circles, the Pentagon and public restrooms where American policy is formulated, the utter stupidity of the “players” who think they run America has become apparent.  

We aren’t talking about Congress, maybe McCain and Graham because of their partnership with organized crime, but few others. Even Biden missed this, but the Southfront video this week, warning of Turkey and the new Ottoman Empire, is totally on the money.

Google Earth is a tool we are using frequently and have broken many stories with it

[ Editor’s Note:  Dear readers, the video below we decided to show you as an example of some of the behind the scenes work at VT, a typical brainstorming session where we are working a story through Goggle Earth.

It is easier to get a better handle on the text material when you have a map with road networks in front of you to zoom in and out on, and even click on photos to see what the countryside looks like.

We stumbled across an interesting find while doing this and decide to do a test record to see how the quality was. Take the video screen up to full as the map details are easier to follow. And scroll back if you miss something and need to repeat.

We know these battlefield issues are hard to get a good handle on without having a good feel of the map positions, and geography. Southfront made an independent breakthrough with their presentation and we will try to add an extra layer to that when we can with a typical Jim and Gordie background session.

We often are looking for missing parts of a story or how we might be getting scammed, and we do these Skype screenshares to bounce ideas off each other. Today we found a big clue…that a large part of the Iraqi Kurd oil being smuggled to Turkey with the huge number of trucks involved that the Russian drones reported last week is going right through ISIL controlled Mosul. Riddle me thatJim W. Dean ]

[embedded content]

Netanyahu saw it, that’s why he is cozying up to VT, Russia and China.  He underestimated Erdogan, not Erdogan’s grasp or his intelligence but his insanity, which exceeds even Netanyahu’s.

Take this for granted, the United States is run by people no sane child would have played with, no parent would allow their children to be around, the kind of people who, when they leave a psychiatrists office, there are eyes rolling and head shaking.

Let me be clear about one thing, religious people are all deeply flawed, not just the evangelical types who want to burn down the world, not just Wahhabist/Salafists, their “brothers in…