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The U.S. Is Desperate

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By ALLEN EDWARDS, on November 17th, 2015


What we are watching the U.S. do is nothing short of a country desperate to stay alive. We are desperate to be needed and wanted. As we have heard so many times before, “Desperate people do desperate things”.

You see, folks, Washington’s objective has always been to stay on top and in control of what happens around the world. The truth is that Washington isn’t completely stupid. The politicians know that in order to do what they want they need money. The laws of economics still apply to them though, whether they like it or not. So in order for the politicians in Washington to continue to do what they want, they need money. Although they wish that they could just print however much money they need, they know that would not work. Eventually things would collapse due to hyperinflation. So because Washington can’t control everything, they need to rely on other means of generating income. To do that, Washington depends on the world to trade in U.S. dollars and for it to be the world reserve currency. The fact is that not all nations want to play by Washington’s rules anymore. So countries, like Syria, are going there own way. When countries start to do what they want and not what Washington wants, that upsets people in Washington very much. So what do the politicians do? The politicians in Washington hire people to act as their army and fight the governments that they don’t like.

Washington has tried to impose their will in Syria by helping ISIS fight the Syrian government. With Washington’s help, they have made huge strides toward taking out the Syrian government. What the U.S. didn’t expect was for Syria to ask for help from Russia, which it did. Russia went to Syria’s aid to help combat ISIS. Well, as of today, Russia has made a lot of progress toward cleaning the country up and stabilizing it. What did the U.S. do after the Russians came in? Believe it or not, Washington did nothing. They pretty much stopped dead in there tracks trying to figure out what to do next. So what we saw then was the fact that Washington could no longer count on ISIS to do their bidding.

This is where we see Washington become desperate. Look at how low the U.S. has fallen over the years. The U.S. is now incompetent and can’t seem to do anything on it’s own. Although the U.S. is incompetent and doesn’t command the respect that it once had, the facts still don’t change. The fact is that the U.S. government is broke and needs to generate an income. The problem is that countries like Syria are standing in the way.

This is where the pregnant girlfriend scenario comes into play. Have you ever heard the story of a girl who knows that she is going to be dumped and her love is going to leave her? What does the girl do? The girl thinks that if she cries that she is pregnant that the young man will decide to marry her and life will be sunshine and rainbows forever and ever.

Well, that is what the U.S. has done. The U.S. knows that it is losing and is trying desperately to hold onto what little it has left. The U.S. also knows that none of the countries or citizens care anymore. Everyone just wants peace and for life to get better. That is when the government makes a desperate play to try and win the world back.

That is what has happened in Paris. The U.S. knew that it was losing so they created a false flag terror event that would polarize the world into fighting for what they wanted.

It is very sad to think of all the citizens around the world that are used like pawns in a game of chess. The poor French people, along with the world, have been tricked. Shortly after the attacks in Paris, the French President ordered strikes against targets in Syria. Wouldn’t you believe it, leaders from other countries, including David Cameron, came out claiming that the U.K. needed to join the fight.

Already we have seen David Cameron urge Putin to unite with Europe, the U.S. and it’s allies to fight ISIS.

Britain, the US and European allies are combining in a drive to persuade Vladimir Putin to co-operate with them in the struggle against terror group Islamic State.

But what I find interesting is how we are told that Russia’s interests will be protected in the transition to a new regime in Damascus.

Putin claims the campaign of airstrikes on Syria he launched in September is directed at “terrorists”, but the West accuses him of targeting the moderate opposition to president Bashar Assad.

The Prime Minister will seek to reassure Putin that Russia’s interests will be “protected” in the transition to a new regime in Damascus. But sources stressed that Britain continues to see no role for Assad – a close ally of Moscow – in a future Syrian administration.

US President Barack Obama is believed to have delivered a similar message to the Russian leader in an unscheduled 35-minute discussion on the fringe of the Antalya summit, which has been dominated by discussions over the world’s response to Friday’s attacks in Paris and the downing of a Russian airliner in Egypt.

Wow! Did you catch that? What they are saying is that the Syrian government is equal to ISIS and that they are out to remove the government in Syria from power. So the truth is that it’s not about ISIS. The truth is that Washington wants the Syrian government removed from power. How interesting indeed!

Just look at how the tales are spun. We read further on that it is thought that if Russia finds that the Metrojet Airbus that crashed in Egypt was brought down by ISIS that Russia would support the West in removing Assad from power.

Moscow and the West are at loggerheads over Mr Putin’s support for Assad. But it is thought that he may be prompted to direct strikes against IS if it is proved that the terror group was responsible for planting a bomb which destroyed the Metrojet Airbus over Sinai at a cost of 224 lives – as Britain believes.

Wow! It is just amazing when you look at it all. The U.S. doesn’t want to fight Russia so they tried to manipulate Russia into joining forces with Washington to remove the Syrian government.

Do you see how all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together? It’s amazing.

David Cameron also let everyone know that an extra 2 Billion pounds would be used to tackle the ISIS problem.

David Cameron announced on Monday night £2bn of extra military spending aimed at tackling Isis, with investment in special forces, drones and fighter aircraft able to carry out ground attacks.

Mr Cameron also announced a big shift in the aid budget, with half of Britain’s £12bn overseas aid going to failed states and other fragile countries that have the potential to become breeding grounds for terrorism.

The prime minister was giving his annual foreign policy speech at the Lord Mayor’s banquet in the City of London, hours after returning from a G20 summit dominated by the terrorist attacks on Paris.

While Mr Cameron used the summit in Turkey to try to pursue a political settlement in Syria — notably in tense discussions with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president — last night’s speech set out details of what he calls a “full spectrum” response to Isis.

Now David Cameron is seeking Parliamentary approval to bomb ISIS.

David Cameron has signalled he will ask MPs to approve Britain launching air strikes on Isis targets in Syria by Christmas.

He promised to set out a “comprehensive strategy” for defeating Isis and said the case for military intervention in Syria had “only grown stronger” since Islamic terrorists killed 129 people in the devastating terror attacks in Paris on Friday.

Can you see how things just keep unfolding? The U.K. is also stirred up to get involved in Syria.

This is a perfect storm for World War III. The stage is set and it looks like the pregnant girl scenario is working exactly the way the U.S. wanted it to. The U.S. was desperate to get it’s way and so far all the cards look like they are aligning. Remember what David Cameron reported. He said that the U.K. would be bombing ISIS in Syria by Christmas.

What a wonderful Christmas things are shaping up to be.

Wake Up America, before it’s too late.

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