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The Year in 2015: An Economic Review, and its Impact on Societies

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It was a roller coaster ride of a year when it came to the economy. In Part one of a two part series, Economic Divide, reviewed economic issues from the US, Europe, and Africa.

Some of the areas of focus in the US section was on gun violence, the performance of the US economy and how the US as a whole was on the decline. For example, according to Fortune magazine’s entry,12 signs that America is on the decline, it cited literacy, math and science in its category Education and skills, in which the US ranked 16 out of 23 countries.

When it came to Europe, the focus went to the UK, such as the inequality in that country, especially the UK Rich list, which revealed that the super rich’s wealth soared, with a fortune of £100 million now required to make it into the top 1,000.

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