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Tim Allen Uses His Sitcom To Deliver This BOLD Message Directly To ‘King Obama’

Few right-leaning actors pull enough weight to parlay a popular sitcom into a platform to bash Barack Obama. Home Improvement star Tim Allen has done exactly that with his current series, Last Man Standing.

There simply aren’t that many Hollywood heavyweights who have been able to navigate the entertainment industry’s leftist labyrinth without losing their conservative ideals or risking their careers. Especially in recent years, some of these celebrities have even begun boldly proclaiming their opposition to the Obama administration.

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In a recent episode of Last Man Standing, Allen was able to use his character to deliver a few well-placed jabs at the commander in chief and his overreaching administration — on ABC’s largely pro-Obama airwaves.

The relevant scene starts with Allen’s TV character Mike Baxter recalling the days before lawn darts were banned due to safety concerns.

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“They don’t sell them anymore,” Allen’s character complained. “You can’t find them. The nanny state made them illegal.”

It’s Not Every Day ‘King Obama’ & the ‘Nanny State’ Get Ripped on Primetime TV https://t.co/denukBZXRy

— Independent Journal (@IJDOTCOM) December 19, 2015

His grandson, Boyd, chimed in: “Stupid nanny state ruined Christmas.”

While complaints about over-regulation could be seen as an indirect reference to Obama’s domestic policy, the show’s character, Baxter, made his position on the current administration crystal clear in his next breath.

“Sit!” he commanded as additional family members entered the room. “This is not a democracy. Ugh. I started sounding like King Obama there for a minute, didn’t I?”

Allen has previously suggested that his character would take on other prominent leftists — including Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton — in future episodes.

“We are going to drill Hillary,” he promised.

Making political statements under the guise of a sitcom character is one thing; but Allen has also made it clear that he shares many of Baxter’s views.

“It will be horrible personally,” he said of a successful Clinton candidacy, “but it will be great for the story line.”

He conceded that his plan to skewer the former secretary of state would only be derailed by ABC executives.

“The only thing that stops us, really, is the network,” he said. “I would dive deep into that if I could.”