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TV news anchors are ‘human puppets’… The 2016 police state accelerates… living the greenie Big Oil LIE… new batch of Health Ranger podcasts posted to SoundCloud

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(NaturalNews) In addition to posting all my new podcasts on HealthRangerReport.com and iTunes, I’ve just opened up a new SoundCloud account to carry all my new audio commentary.

Now you can get my informed, intelligent and totally uncensored commentary almost any way you wish! I also post these on my YouTube channel, although that’s usually the last place to receive them.

I’ll be posting a whole lot more audio commentary in 2016. If you want to listen in, I usually run these first on TalkNetwork.com. From there, they go to HealthRangerReport.com next, and then SoundCloud and finally YouTube.

My job is to get you to THINK about what’s happening by raising intelligent, skeptical questions on all the trending topics. After you’re done hearing the mainstream media’s total lies on the subject, head over to HealthRangerReport.com to hear the real story the media isn’t reporting.

At the same time, I’ll keep you informed on how to live a healthier, more rewarding and more free life by sharing remarkable solutions from time to time (including wisdom on medicinal herbs, natural cures, disease prevention through nutrition, preparedness, sustainable living, permaculture and much more).

Here’s the latest of what I’ve just posted:

What do we all have to look forward to in 2016? According to John W. Whitehead, author of Battleground America, it will be a ratcheting up of police state surveillance, militarized local police, cops flying weaponized drones and much more.

The oppressive, tyrannical police state is here NOW, and it’s only going to get worse. Here’s what you need to know to survive 2016 and beyond…

When you watch TV news, the person you see on the TV screen is a total fake. They’re PERFORMERS reading scripts written by someone else, and they’re chosen for the performance role solely because they have a credible sounding voice and credible looking face.

But the real “voice” behind the news is someone you never see — the man behind the curtain — who writes the narrative script that gets performed by the person you see on the screen.

If you’re still watching TV news, maybe it’s time you started questioning the fake reality you see on the screen.

Hear all my podcasts at HealthRangerReport.com

When it comes to talking about Big Oil and the environment, most “greenies” are absolute hypocrites. At the same time they’re condemning fossil fuels, they’re eating food trucked in from over 1,000 miles away by diesel trucks.

They drive cars on the highways and use air conditioning and heating in their homes — all running on fossil fuels. And for those living in Los Angeles, you’re using water that’s pumped over a mountain by electric motors running on energy produced by fossil fuels.

If you REALLY want to criticize Big Oil, maybe you should start by making your own lifestyle more green and renewable first!

Is America totally lost? Or are there still reasons to fight…